The Benefits of Cryptocurrency Education

Sep 4, 2018 · 6 min read

Our last blog took a look at the importance of cryptocurrency education, today we are going to take a look at the benefits of cryptocurrency education.

Learning something new always seems daunting, especially when it is something that you don’t particularly understand or that is lacking in resources.

The crypto space is growing and at a rapid pace, it has already shaken up the financial system and its technology is beginning to change major industries around the world. Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology although at the initial stages can fast become a fundamental part of the future. Every technology company, every banking and finance company, and every company which manages an ERP or logistics is now taking a closer look at the potential of the immutable database and its other features. Decentralization is still a nascent concept but it is gaining popularity and a whole new movement is being created from it.

Taking the steps to learn about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology now, regardless of what stage of your life you are in is set to benefit you in so many ways, perhaps more than you realise. Learning is what helps us to grow as a person, keeps us happy and modest and most importantly learning helps to keep our memory sharp and our mind ticking!

Below we are going to take a look at a few different ways that cryptocurrency education can benefit you, at all stages of your life.

Cryptocurrency education for the university students

University is one of the most important periods in your life where you will make decisions that will ultimately affect every aspect of your future.

When thinking about what course to select and what modules to enroll on, it is vital to think about what career you would like and how these choices will fit into industries and technology that is advancing today such as blockchain and cryptocurrency. We are already seeing large companies such as IBM place regular adverts on LinkedIn for blockchain related openings, along with a wide range of positions being offered by the plethora of cryptocurrency start-up’s appearing before our eyes.

Although universities do not yet offer full Cryptocurrency or Blockchain degree programs, now is the time to think about what subjects (hint, python language skills are currently in demand) and courses you can take that will help to open doors within the industry once you graduate! Options such as coding and computer science, for example, will certainly set you in good stead in your cryptocurrency education journey.

In addition, spending a few hours per week conducting your own research and taking the time to get to grips with ‘crypto jargon’, to become familiar with who the key players are within the space and keeping an eye on the market is also a very wise move.

As the university door closes, the career door does not open simultaneously, a lot can happen in the three years it takes you to get your degree, especially within the crypto world. As a relatively new industry, having experience is not necessarily a key component when it comes to securing your place on the blockchain career ladder, however, skills and knowledge are! And that is why making the effort to fully embrace the cryptocurrency education options that are available to you now will benefit you in the future.

Cryptocurrency education for the new investor

When you first enter the crypto space it can feel daunting and a little ‘Alien’ in comparison to other types of investments, it can seem complicated due to the complexity, but it doesn’t have to be.

By taking the time to learn at your own pace and in your own language you will begin to discover what amazing concepts cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are. Learning about cryptocurrency will change your whole outlook on investments and the investment process.

Once you get to grips with cryptocurrency, it will open your mind to new investment opportunities, help to teach you about new technology, new paths of thought and new ways of making a return on your investments. And most importantly, learning about cryptocurrency will add some ‘fun’ and a personal touch to your investment portfolio. No longer will you need to rely on your wealth manager to make the important investment decisions for you, you will be able to make judgements yourself, decisions you understand and from the convenience of your mobile phone when it suits you.

Cryptocurrency education for the experienced investor

The cryptoverse has a steep learning curve and even those that are already a few years into nurturing their cryptoassets can benefit from additional cryptocurrency education. The crypto industry is changing daily — new coins, tokens and initiatives are entering the market at an astonishing rate! The more you know, the better a position you will be in to not only expand your personal portfolio but to take advantage of business opportunities, private sales, become a pro at analysing market trends, be more equipped to make better investment decisions and to become an advisor or even an influencer within the space.

Cryptocurrency education for the retired

Cryptocurrency isn’t just for ‘Millennials’ and as the saying goes, you are never too old to learn. And what better a way to spend some of your free time in your retirement than to brush up on your tech and investment knowledge.

Making the effort to try and understand about this new financial world will open your mind to alternative investment opportunities, enable you to understand what new options are available to you so that you can add further diversification to your retirement investment portfolio. Cryptocurrency can be an appealing option as a retirement plan due to its long-term growth potential as after all retirement is all about the long-term view.

Cryptocurrency education will also help you to understand that there is an alternative to the centrally managed system, make you question the whole concept of money and help you to learn about new types of online security such as two-factor authentication. And if that’s not enough, learning about crypto will also help you to create a stimulating conversation with your grandchildren ;-)

Those are just a few of the benefits of cryptocurrency education and how learning the basics and keeping up to date with the industry can help you in your life and investment choices.

It all starts with education and that is why we have created B21 Life, our cryptocurrency education and training app, which is now available for free download on Google Play and Apple Store.

Whether you want to know about the basics of crypto, the basics of investing, blockchain technology, or you are are simply looking for the most important news today in this space, we have it all — neatly segmented and curated by experts on our cryptocurrency education app.

B21 Life has been designed to help everyone learn about the crypto space! The app is interactive and we welcome feedback, comments and suggestions from our community on what you would like help with, and what you want to learn about.

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