Top Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Events in April 2019

The cryptocurrency events calendar is heating up as we reach the second quarter of 2019! cryptocurrency events provide a great space to grow your cryptocurrency network, position yourself as an expert in your field, to promote your business and to discover interesting investment opportunities.

However, they are not always solely for investors and businesses professional, those that are looking to expand on their cryptocurrency education will also find these events highly beneficial. Many cryptocurrency events feature interactive workshops where you can learn about the basics of investing, about the different tools that are available in the market and can sample a selection of cryptocurrency products for yourself.

If you are looking to enter the cryptocurrency or blockchain space from a career perspective then there is simply no better place to make future contacts than at a cryptocurrency seminar.

Below is a list of some of the top events that are taking place around the world in April!


Landing Festival

Location: Berlin, Germany

Date: 3rd — 4th April

Speaker of Interest:

  • Steve Francia, Product Lead, Google
  • Kerstin Eichmann, Managing Director, Innogy Innovations Hub
  • Sergio Martins Pereria, Founder, Coindex


This knowledge-driven event takes a look at the latest trends from within the blockchain cryptocurrency and tech sectors. Featuring a large selection of curated talks and workshops on topics such as ‘Personal Identity on Blockchain’, ‘The Future of Blockchain Technology’ and ‘Cryptocurrencies for Everyone’, Landing Festival provides the perfect opportunity to expand on your knowledge and to network with some of the top names from within the tech community. This seminar is of particular interest to those that are looking to start or expand their career within the crypto and blockchain sectors.


Location: Manchester, UK

Date: 4th — 6th April

Speakers of interest:

  • Bertie Stephens, CEO, Flubit
  • Mike Riddell, currency developer, Countercoin
  • Jim Burton, Technical Lead, Isle of Man Blockchain Office


In its 4th year, this exciting three-day event is set to showcase exhibitions and speakers from around the world. As well as free workshops, speaker presentations and exhibitions, Coinfest also hosts a selection of crypto activities to keep attendees engaged and entertained such as crypto raffles, crypto photo booths, crypto competitions and crypto artwork and live music. If you only have time to attend one event in the UK this April and you are looking for a combination of networking, entertainment and fun, look no further than Coinfest!

Blockpass Security Tokens Seminar

Location: London, UK

Date: 24th April

Speaker of Interest:

  • Ryan Hanley, Managing Director, Token Market
  • Hans Lombardo, Director, Blockpass
  • Helen Disney, CEO, Unblocked


With a focus on security tokens, the Blockpass event aims to help educate and inform businesses, policymakers, entrepreneurs and investors with a keen business interest in this new trend, to help build the community that will drive the security token ecosystem of the future. Covering issues such as policy, legal and regulatory compliance issues, what infrastructure still needs to be built to take STOs mainstream and how STOs differ from ICOs, this is a key event for those that are looking to launch a security token business.



Location: Los Angeles, California

Date: 3rd — 4th April

Speaker of Interest:

  • Michael Terpin, CEO, Transform Group
  • Geremy Gardner, Co-founder, Ausum Ventures
  • Tom Plunkett, Consulting solution director, Orakle


As one of the largest cryptocurrency and blockchain events in California, this two-day seminar provides the perfect networking opportunity to meet some of the biggest players from within the space. Throughout the day the fireside chats and presentations will focus on the future of technology and what needs to be done to continue to build a strong ecosystem. Topics of interest include, ‘Tokenization and a Global Economy’, ‘AI and Blockchain Working Together’, ‘Building a Blockchain Ecosystem’ and ‘Regulation in Blockchain.’

Crypto Invest Summit

Location: Los Angeles, California

Date: 9th — 10th April

Speakers of Interest:

  • Guy Hirsch, Managing Director, eToro
  • Charlie Lee, Managing Director, Litecoin Foundation
  • Pei Chen, Director, ConsenSys


Crypto Invest Summit is one of the leading conferences focused on blockchain technology, security tokens, utility tokens and healthcare, taking place in the US in 2019. This exclusive, high-impact event is presented by a diverse group of some of the world’s foremost innovators and prominent leaders in the blockchain ecosystem, making it a must-attend event for entrepreneurs, investors and developers alike.

Middle East

Future Blockchain Summit

Location: Dubai

Date: 2nd — 3rd April

Speakers of Interest:

  • Franklyn Richards, Founding Director, Litecoin
  • Iris Taguet, Blockchain Lead, Airfrance
  • Gin Chao, Strategy Officer, Binance


The Future Blockchain Summit referred to as the world’s blockchain festival brings together some of the top blockchain revolutionists, most innovative startups and significant government visionaries to discuss blockchain adoption and its impact and efficiencies. The two-day event has a special focus on blockchain technology for the energy and retail sectors, and on blockchain for governments, it also presents an opportunity for launching groundbreaking projects and pilot initiatives to a large media community.

Crypto Expo

Location: Dubai, UAE

Date:13th — 14th April

Speakers of Interest:

  • DR Umer Farooq, CEO, Bullion Fund
  • Nikita Sachdev, cryptocurrency entrepreneur and advisor


Known as the region’s largest cryptocurrency expo, the event brings together a large number of investors, educators, tradors, government professionals and entrepreneurs from around the world. The two-day event provides a great opportunity to learn from industry experts and to gain first-hand information about new projects and innovations from within the blockchain and crypto sectors.


Blockchain Life

Location: Singapore

Date: 23rd — 24th April

Speakers of Interest:

  • Roger Ver, CEO,
  • Xinxi Wang, Litecoin Foundation Director
  • Elias Tan, Singapore Lead, NEO


Blockchain Life Asia is one of the most important blockchain events taking place in Asia in 2019! The three-day seminar takes a look at the international cryptocurrency market, global blockchain development and the world digital economy. Top speakers from around the world gather to discuss matters such as ‘Crypto Trading: How to make money in different market conditions, ‘The secret of successful ICO’s and ‘Blockchain Development in 2019’.

Teamz Blockchain Summit

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Date :6th — 7th April

Speakers of Interest:

  • Tsuyoshi Hirayama, consulting architect IMB Japan
  • Larry Sanger, co-founder, Wikipedia
  • Anthony Pompliano, founder, Morgan Creek Digital


Teamz Blockchain Summit focuses on growing the industry beyond its core community by bringing cutting edge projects, global influencers, top investors, regulators and media together to discuss matters such as the decentralization of social media, traditional finance and blockchain, security tokens and cryptocurrency investment strategies for the road ahead.

The above are just a few recommendations of some of the top cryptocurrency and blockchain events that are taking place around the world in April, if you are attending an interesting event that you would like us to include in next months event post, feel free to comment below.