Top Cryptocurrency Career Choices

Our previous blog took a look at why cryptocurrency education is important for the students of 2019 and how learning about cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology will not only help to stand those currently studying in good stead for their future but, will also better equip them for their coursework!

In this blog, we are going to take a look at the cryptocurrency career opportunities that are available around the world, not only to the current student or the recent graduate, but also to those that are looking for a career change/growth/promotion or relocation option.

As the crypto sector continues to advance, there is an increase in the demand for talent, creating a wide range of jobs that are rooted in a variety of skills. Not only are tech skills such as Java machine learning, Python and Artificial Intelligence (AI) sought after, but, as an innovative and challenging industry ‘non-tech’ skills such as creativity, leadership and communication are also in high demand within the cryptoverse.

If you are self-motivated and entrepreneurial, if you have drive and determination , if you enjoy teamwork and a challenge then whatever qualifications, work experience and skills you currently possess, can be adapted to the cryptocurrency industry.

A simple search in Google or LinkedIn will bring up a broad spectrum of jobs available in the cryptocurrency business, some might involve working with a cryptocurrency/altcoin that has already been created, while others will require you to work with a startup, which has not yet launched it’s Initial Coin Offering (ICO), investment app or trading platform. As strong relevance is beginning to be placed on the importance of cryptocurrency education, you might even find yourself working for a cryptocurrency education app like B21 Life, an education publication or even for an education institute — with cryptocurrency the possibilities are endless and it is unlikely that any two days will ever be the same.

As cryptocurrency is a relatively new industry, most crypto companies will not expect you to be a walking, talking crypto glossary. However, you will be expected to know the basics about what cryptocurrency is! If you haven’t already, then it is important that you start your cryptocurrency education journey now so that you can bring as much knowledge as possible to your interview, which will increase your chances of nailing that position.

Below is an outline of a few different kinds of jobs that are currently being advertised as full-time and remote positions within the crypto sector on LinkedIn.

Cryptocurrency Content Manager

Content marketing is as important in the cryptocurrency industry as it is for any other business. For the crypto sector to be able to grow and excel, people not only need to know that it exists, but also what the benefits of cryptocurrency are, the importance of cryptocurrency education, why cryptocurrency should be viewed as an investment opportunity and how it can impact the future. There is currently an abundance of positions for a cryptocurrency ‘content marketing manager’ advertised within the UK, throughout Europe and within the US (mainly New York) on LinkedIn at the time of writing this.

Cryptocurrency Community Manager

Cryptocurrency community managers are the voice of the company, it is their responsibility to harmonize the network of users, investors and speculators — a position, which requires excellent communication and writing skills, and which needs to be handled with enthusiasm, efficiency, flexibility and care. Community managers not only need to communicate with the user community, but also with all departments (marketing, sales, developers and CEO’s) to ensure that they are kept up to date with the most important and relevant company information. One of the main benefits of this role is that often the positions advertised are ‘remote’ making it the perfect opportunity for stay at home parents, those that live in remote locations and those that are looking to make a career from their home office.

Cryptocurrency Graphic Designer

Cryptocurrency exists in a virtual space and so every cryptocurrency business needs to focus on creative branding and design choices to represent what they do via futuristic themes. Cryptocurrency is a volatile and highly competitive industry that is ever-changing, and so graphic designers are required to keep up to date with current trends so that every bit of creative they produce is ahead of the game, differentiates the company from their competitors and projects professionalism. If you think you have what it takes to brand the future, then your skills are in demand in Berlin, Hong Kong and San Francisco!

Cryptocurrency Compliance Officer

All cryptocurrency businesses should ensure that they have a culture of compliance, which conducts client on-boarding and client due diligence, complies with Anti-money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures, and to monitor cryptocurrency transactions. Different jurisdictions and countries are regulating cryptocurrency in different ways and so compliance procedures will vary vastly depending on the location of the cryptocurrency business. If you are a compliance officer looking for a new challenge then Sydney, San Francisco, New York, Gibraltar and London are where your skills are in demand!

Cryptocurrency Sales Executives

Cryptocurrency businesses need help with growing their brand, selling their concept and products to consumers, which in most cases will be both B2C and B2B. Sales executives will be expected to understand the financial industry, to possess sound negotiation skills and will be required to collaborate with the marketing and products teams to help to define and lead sales strategies. Tel Aviv and New York are dominating the full-time sales executive roles on LinkedIn, while the majority of Europe are offering these positions as ‘remote’ work.

These are just a few of the different positions that are currently being advertised around the world. If you are considering a career in cryptocurrency but have not yet started to learn the basics, then do not waste any more time, use this week productively by starting your cryptocurrency education journey!

With B21 Life, our free cryptocurrency education app, you can learn about what cryptocurrency is and how it works, learn the basics of blockchain technology and how it can and already is impacting certain industries, and keep up to date with the top headlines — which are always a good talking point at any interview.

Tomorrow, there will be another excuse, Download B21 Life and start learning today!