Top Cryptocurrency Events in February 2019!

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February is set to be a very busy month within the crypto sector, the networking calendar is packed full of fun and interesting cryptocurrency and blockchain seminars, conferences and workshops. Attending industry focused events are not only a way for business professional to expand their professional network, but they also provide you with a direct marketing opportunity unlike any other. Those that are looking to learn more about cryptocurrency, the technology and to gain hands-on experience in technology application, and those who are looking to gain entry into the industry and make career contacts will also benefit greatly from attending at least one cryptocurrency or blockchain technology event this quarter.

Below are some of the top events taking place around the world!


Paris Blockchain Summit

Location: Paris, France

Date: 31st January — 1st February 2019

Speakers of interest:

  • Tone Vays — researcher Bitcoin inc
  • Ivain Catalin — EU Parliament
  • Valentin Preobrazhenskiy- CEO LAtoken

Overview: The Paris Blockchain Summit is the largest event of its kind in France, this year the conference has a focus on the challenges that need to be addressed by the permissionless blockchain for it to be widely adopted and the tokenization of the future in finance. Those that are looking to expand on their knowledge and gain further insight into areas including trading, smart contracts and the legal aspects of the blockchain, can participate in a variety of debates and interactive workshops during the two-day event, while those looking to network can enjoy the cocktail and animation networking event.

London Blockchain week

Location: London, United Kingdom

Date: 8th — 14th February

Speakers of interest:

  • Barry James — British Blockchain Industry Association
  • Ajit Tripathi — Consensys
  • Danielle Khayat Saikaly — European Business School

Overview: This year will mark the third year of the London Blockchain Week, a week-long event, which offers something for everyone, whether you want to expand on your cryptocurrency and blockchain learning, make business connections, market your business or product or explore your investment options. As well as a featured learning stage, community stage and educational workshops, the London Blockchain Week also offers a mind-shifting hackathon, which gives attendees the chance to compete for a $5000 prize!

Stockholm Fintech Week

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Date: 11th — 15th February

Speakers of Interest:

  • Gunnlaugur Jonsson — The Fintech Cluster
  • Janne Salminen — Helsinki Fintech Farm
  • Niklas Arvidsson — Royal Institute of technology

Overview: This event is the first of its kind to take place in Stockholm, bringing together the best of the fintech industry from around the Nordics to discuss the emerging digital trends, the state of blockchain technology and sustainability and technology impact on the future of business in the Nordics. The five-day event presents a perfect networking opportunity for those with a business in or looking to conduct business within the Nordic regions.

Cryptoasset Conference

Location: Frankfurt, Germany

Date: 25th — 26th February

Speakers of Interest:

  • Austin Alexander — Kraken
  • Emma Hurt — Coinmarketcap
  • Marjan Delatinne — Ripple
  • Mark Tavener — Bitfury

Overview: In association with the German Blockchain Week, with a strong focus on regulation, startup innovation and investing , The Cryptoasset conference presents a unique opportunity for attendees to discover the recent developments of the crypto scene from a financial, technological and legal perspective.

United States

Think 2019

Location: San Francisco, USA

Date: 12th — 15th February

Speakers of Interest:

  • Ginni Rometty — CEO, IBM
  • Tiffany Pham — Founder, Mogul
  • John Donovan — CEO, AT & T Communications

Overview: At Think 2019 participants can sharpen their skills on areas such as AI, cloud, data and security while gaining hands-on experience with the latest technology developments. This event also presents an opportunity to extend your professional network into one of the world’s most renowned communities of thought leaders.

Middle East

Blockchain Economy

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Date: 20th February

Speaker of Interest:

  • Franklin Urteaga, Technology advisor — The White House
  • Cal Evans — British Blockchain Advisor
  • Tom Lee — Wall Street Analyst, Former J.P.Morgan

Overview: With a primary focus on technical innovations and current economic circumstances, the Blockchain Economy Turkey promises a large scale event with over 5000 participants, unlike any of its kind within the region. Here, investors, entrepreneurs and professional will gather to debate issues such as crowd funding and blockchain, the revolution of finance systems, Bitcoin and its socio-economic effects and the future of payments with cryptocurrency.

Blockchain Applied

Location: Dubai, UAE

Date: 19th — 20th February

Speakers of Interest:

  • Dr. Bernd van Linder — Chief Executive Officer, Commercial Bank of Dubai, UAE
  • Navin Gupta — Managing Director, South Asia & MENA, Ripple
  • Taavi Roivas — Former Prime Minister, Estonia

Overview: Blockchain Applied is a key event for those that are keen to discover whether blockchain technology can help to business their business. The one-day function will showcase a large variety of real-time examples of blockchain technology in action, where the technology has delivered measurable business values and transformed businesses.


World Blockchain Summit

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Date: 27th — 28th February

Speaker of Interest:

  • Samson Lee — Advisor to B21
  • Rene Bernard — Access Blockchain Association
  • Tony Tong — Hong Kong Blockchain Association

Overview: As part of the global elite series of events that takes place throughout the world, the World Blockchain Summit Kuala Lumpur is an event not to be missed! Connecting blockchain leaders, government authorities, emerging startups entrepreneurs and investors, the one of a kind event features top enterprise and government use cases, inspirational keynotes, innovative tech talks and pitch competitions.

Blockchain Summit Hong Kong

Location: Hong Kong

Date: 28th February

Speakers of Interest:

  • Suprivta Vohra — Barclays banks
  • Vanessa Grellet — Consenys
  • Bogusz Grotowski — Deutsche Bank

Overview: The Blockchain Summit Hong Kong, Asia’s leading blockchain conference is now in its third year! This year with over 80 speakers consisting of industry leaders, tech innovators and business decision makers, the event is a key function for those that are looking to further understand the challenges and opportunities of blockchain technology, and looking to debate the impact of blockchain on sectors including retail, insurance and finance.


Location: Mumbai, India

Date: 7th February

Speakers of Interest:

  • Ralph Liu — CEO, TurboChains and MuleChain
  • Julien Bouteloup — Founder —, CEO Stake Capital, CTO British Blockchain Assoc.

Overview: BlockMumbai conference promises to connect global blockchain gurus and technology players with Indian business leaders.With a key focus on the opportunities in blockchain in India, the main objective of this one day event is to lay the foundation for India becoming a prominent blockchain destination. BlockMumbai will be attended by over 300 experts and corporate stakeholders from around the world — a key event for businesses based in, with a presence in, or those that are looking to make connections in India.

If there are any events that you are attending in February that are not on the list above that you would like us to mention, let us know and we will share them with our community!

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