Top Universities Place value on Cryptocurrency Education

As advocates for cryptocurrency education, we are delighted to see that there has been a significant rise in cryptocurrency education courses being offered at top universities around the world.

Whether taken as an online course, as part of a business degree or as a full-time masters course, students will benefit greatly from studying cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Not only will it help them to fully understand this fascinating new world but it will encourage them to place value on it as a career choice and open doors for a brighter future once they graduate.

Over the past year alone we have seen reports of a significant rise in the number of job offerings involving cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in one way or another, something that we can expect to rise further as the technology evolves.

At B21 we believe that the ultimate goal of cryptocurrency should be to make it as accessible as possible for everyone to invest in. However, first people need to understand the technology, why it is important and how it is going to change our world.

Cryptocurrency education is not something that has been easily accessible to the masses and until now we have been flooded with information that is very technical and off-putting, with little options in simple terms to help us all learn about it. However, almost a decade on and we are beginning to see education institutes place value on cryptocurrency education as an integral part of their academic business studies programmes, which shows that this is a concept that more people are taking seriously and one that is here to stay for good!

Below is a list of the top cryptocurrency and blockchain technology courses currently offered at universities internationally.

Nicosia University — the very first university in the world to offer a full-time Masters degree in Digital Currency, positioning the university as a leader in both cryptocurrency education and blockchain technology education globally. The masters programme which is designed to help business and government professionals, and entrepreneurs to better understand the technology offers the first module of the course online for free as a pathway to the full- time degree programme.

Cornell University — the Ivy League university in New York was voted the top university for blockchain study by trustnodes. It’s initiative for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology provides education, certification and application for both students and corporate clients alike.

New York City University — as one of the most prestigious private research universities in the world, it comes as no surprise that the NYU school of business has made cryptocurrency and blockchain technology an integral part of its Fintech MBA course.

Princeton University — one of the oldest university in the US, has been a long-standing leader in business studies. Recognising the importance that the cryptocurrency revolution will have on business the institute is offering a range of open cryptocurrency education courses such as ‘An introduction to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies’, which looks at the basics of crypto and the future of Bitcoin and the potential impact it will have on society!

Europa University Madrid — with an 89% graduate employment rate Europa is one of the top universities in Spain. It now offers a Post Graduate Diploma in Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology focusing on blockchain movement in national companies such as Telefonica and Banco Sabadell .

The London School of Economics — lists an online course on cryptocurrency and disruption,which is certified by the United Kingdom CPD Certification Service!The course focuses on how cryptocurrency and blockchain technology will shape the future of money, society and industries, and comes with the reputation of one of the top 10 universities in the UK.

The HWZ University — one of the oldest universities for economics and business in Switzerland offers a certificate of advanced studies in blockchain economics, which is targeted at employees from within the financial industry with a focus on linking blockchain application to their key areas of business.

The University of Stirling — renowned for its business school the university takes an in depth look at blockchain technology, cryptpcurrency, decentralization and cybersecurity in its newly launched MSC Financial Technology programme. Companies including JP Morgan, HSBC and Sainsbury’s Bank helped to shape this course which will put graduated ahead of their game in the fintech sector.

In addition to the above cryptocurrency education courses, 1 in 4 of the top universities in the UK offer societies dedicated to blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, showing the growing interest in crypto among millennials in the UK and the academic acknowledgment of the growing interest in the sector.

If you have taken a course or module on cryptocurrency and or blockchain technology then we would love to hear about your experience and what you thought of it. If you are not quite ready for full-time study on the subject then why not download our free cryptocurrency education app B21 Life today!