12 Days of Great P2P Brand Work — Day 6

It’s Christmas and we wanted to give those people we’re connected with a little gift. It’s our pleasure to bring you 12 days of P2P (Person-to-Person) brand related work as our Christmas gift for you. Not all were produced this year, but they popped up on our radar over the past year. Herein, Day 6 of some of the best P2P Brand Work we’ve seen in 2016.

JetBlue — Air On the Side of Humanity

Anyone who’s flown in the last decade or so can appreciate how frustrating air travel has become. People are treated like cattle while airlines are fighting for traveller’s attention and dollars. This has meant a race to the bottom in prices, while sacrificing things like comfort and amenities. JetBlue has made a big brand push to be the opposite of this trend while still competing in the lower cost category.

As part of the campaign, last year, they created a very different interactive experience for passersby on the streets of New York. Cleverly blending their message with a great experience helps to build brand loyalty, and solidify their brand in the hearts and minds of the people who took just a couple minutes time to play along.

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