Twitter has Decided to Remove Links and Images from 140 Character Limit — OMG!! How Will this Affect Your B2B Social Media Strategy?

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This just in, according to Bloomberg, a Twitter employee familiar with the matter claims that within the next two weeks, Twitter will no longer count links and images in the 140 character limit.

The announcement is a direct continuation of Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey’s, recent post that discussed the possibility of increasing the tweet limit to 10,000 characters. Both of which are part of the social network’s larger goal of increasing their stagnating growth.

Along with many other recent additions to enrich tweets, such as: polls, videos and GIFs. What we can understand from this news, is that Twitter users are simply looking for a way to share more text in their tweets.

While this decision might not seem groundbreaking, it shows that Twitter is increasingly looking to update and modify their platform. For us B2B marketers, it is key to stay up to date with any news and make sure we align our B2B social media marketing strategies, and in particular our Twitter strategy with the social networks language.

On a more practical note, here are some ideas for how B2B marketers can make use of this update:

  1. Treat tweets like Facebook Ads and use the text to support a cleaner image.
  2. Use the added space for deeper call-to-actions in their tweets
  3. Create more engaging and graphical tweets

How else do you think this news will affect B2B marketers?

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