Top 10 Mobile Application Development Companies In California You Should Be Knowing About

The 2015 Mobile World Congress summit is over, but like always, it has left behind some spec of news for the business market and retail e-commerce to ponder upon in the future ahead. We all know by now that mobile trend is getting widespread attention with 2015 being the year when the number of smartphone users is expected to double to 2 billion. So, what’s the next new update one can expect to see in the next few months?

Based on reports presented by and CNN, digital payment would be the dominant factor this year in the market. That means mobile transactions should be what retail shops and others should give more priority to. This year, in MWC, SAP had one of the most delightful displays to show off how a digital payment could get smarter in the months ahead with the help of a vending machine. You can place your order here ( buy a drink or a bar), pay digitally by directly transferring money from your bank account, check your purchase history in detail, and even purchase something for your friend or family from social sites like Facebook. But SAP is not the only one to talk about the rising importance of digital mobile transactions, VISA Europe too seems to focus on building its strategy around mobile payment and plans to continue spending ‘hundreds of millions of euros’ in order to reduce the dominating trend of making payments through cash by almost 70% in Europe. Even the world’s most popular brands like Apple and Google now plant to acquire a share in the mobile payment market by introducing technologies that will be based on near-field communications.

There are other companies who have also started to give a thought to the rising trend of digital payment, so it would be unwise if your company is not being a part of the league by now. Digital trends never tend to remain the same no matter how hard you try to keep it that way. You have got to change your strategy when the rules of your competition change. If you are unable to catch up with the rapid changes, it is always better to call up those who know what kind of dose will give your digital presence an added boost. Here is a list of some of the best mobile app development companies present in California that you can rely upon to take your business strategy to the next level. Read on in detail and choose the one that impresses you the most:

Top 10 Mobile Application Development Companies in California

#1 — Mobixed

Providing you the most innovative and cutting edge mobile application development solution, Mobixed comes with over 16 years of unrivaled expertise when it comes to creating custom based mobile apps for iOS, Android, Windows and other advanced cross platform application development methodologies like the Cordova PhoneGap. With their advanced mobile strategy, engineered support and smooth UI and UX focus designs, you can take your mobile marketing to the next level instantly and that too with an affordable budget.

#2 — ArcTouch

This is a full service mobile application development company that comes expertised to offer you world class application development for iOS, Android, Windows and HTML 5 platforms. Expertised to create mobile apps for both smartphones and tablets, ArcTouch has till date successfully launched over 200 projects for Fortune 500 companies that include consumer brands, business startups, media and entertainment industries and more.

#3 — Algomatik

They are a rapidly evolving technology support development company that can offer you a wide range of services and solutions in the field of mobile app computing, cloud computing, embedded systems programming, etc. Their service is now being used by customers worldwide (Algomatik now has 1000 customers belonging to 35 different countries), and you can approach them for good quality project management and state-of-the-art technical skills.

#4 — Clavax

From ideation to analytics, Clavax can offer you enterprising mobile solutions across diverse platforms with the help of the right associated back-end technologies. Build an intuitive and interactive mobile app for your business with Clavax to get agile development methodologies and highly optimized strategy, for the ultimate test driven results in mobile marketing.

#5 — Fueled

You can be a start up or a big brand, Fueled can provide you with the most effective application solution for an effective mobile digital marketing. Whether it is giving birth to the most innovative idea, eye catching branding solution, agile based development technologies, or taking help to create the most successful business launch, Fueled is the perfect place to approach first.

#6 — Barefoot Solutions

A pioneer in mobile application development, Barefoot Solutions comes with an expertise to work with a wide range of projects that are driven by great ideas. From developing apps for simple usage to building ones that require complex data drive task, Barefoot comes with a team to help you fulfill your budget based needs on time.

#7 — Infoscaler

Committed to building some of the most innovative and creative web application development solutions, Infoscaler can provide clients with applications that come with a unique combination of creative insights, technical expertise and business acumen. Some of the services offered by their team include application development solution for iPhone, Android and other mobile web development assistance.

#8 — Monsoon

Known popularly as the ‘Product People’, Monsoon comprises a tight knit clan of designers, developers, strategies and marketers who are specialized to build some of the most innovative application development solutions on mobile devices. Invest to create that one business app, which will continue to make your business thrive.

#9 — Plaveb

Plaveb is that one mobile application development company that is empowered to provide organizations in the digital world with wider reach and optimum efficiency. Designed to develop into a mobile application solution with increased business efficiency and enterprise mobility, Plaveb offers you a mobile expertise that can work on multiple platforms while ensuring a consistent flow of user experience.

#10 — Art & Logic

Developing software since the year 1991, Art & Logic is known to provide effective mobile business to over 900 clients. They are recognized by some of the world’s most renowned companies who always have a keen eye on their superior quality software engineering service. You can approach them for specialized mobile app development solution for platforms like iOS, Android and for tablets.

Mobile application is what will be taking over your internet marketing strategies in the next few years from now. So, make sure you make a list of these top 10 names if you urgently feel the need of developing the most creative mobile application the world has not come across yet.