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A&Q Community AMA Recap with Kieron Cartledge!

On May 12th, Kieron Cartledge, our Global Sales Director attended an Ask Me Anything session with the amazing A&Q Community! As always, Kieron provided fantastic information about everything we are doing over here at Baanx. If you missed it, don’t worry — we have the AMA recap here for you. Thank you for being a loyal part of the BXX community and don’t miss our upcoming AMAs and Cryptobites Twitter Space.

Introductory Segment

Q: Can you introduce yourself to our community?

I am Kieron Cartledge — Global Sales Director at Baanx Group. I look after our sales process and after care of our corporate clients and partners. I have been with Baanx almost from the beginning. I have seen it grow from an idea to where we are now!

Q: Could you explain a little about Baanx and what makes it different from other projects?

Baanx is a crypto-as-a-service fintech platform.

Our mission is to bring regulated products to unregulated crypto communities and to work with our partner communities to engage them in our services across cards, Cryptodrafts, loyalty, fiat on/off ramps, and wallets.

We are bridging the gap between fiat and crypto to enhance the Web3 world we live in today.

Baanx operates globally, in particular the UK and Europe, with a planned launch in the US with large partner communities including Ledger, Tezos, and other clients later this year.

First of all, we have many unique features not found with other providers, such as automatically linking to up to 5 of your crypto + fiat accounts so you never have to load your card. We were built from the ground up with 100% crypto in mind, not adapted from other banking or fintech products.

In addition, many crypto lenders are offshore and unregulated. We have FCA approval and own stake in a USA bank (Maxwell Bank) which has been FDIC certified since 1943!

We have a number of UK (FCA crypto registered) and EU licences directly and via regulated partners.

Q: Could you please provide some info about your roadmap and how Baanx is progressing so far?

We do have a whitepaper:

Just to add, currently BXX token is available on MEXC and Uniswap to buy.

Our team is working on further listing on other exchanges as well. Keep an eye on upcoming updates! 😜 There are some CEXs and DEXs already applied to 💸

Here you can find our updated Roadmap for $BXX in Ledger and Tezos:


BXX general roadmap 2022:


Q: What is the use Case of $BXX? Can you provide details?

BXX is the native token of Baanx and its ecosystem.

Currently it is available in the Baanx app, Tezos Crypto Life app and will be rolling out into other partner platforms too like our Ledger partnership.

With the Ledger partnership you can now store your BXX on any of the Ledger wallets.

As I have said in the last question, users can buy the token on MEXC and UNISWAP.

With the market right now it’s a good time to HODL and when it rebounds, sell or exchange the token.

Whilst you are HODL’ing you may as well take advantage to earn rewards of up to 25% APY through staking in either the Baanx or Tezos Crypto Life App. Additionally, BXX gives users the opportunity to earn special rates on Cryptodraft across an ecosystem of Baanx partners, including Tezos, Ledger and CurrencyLife. Also if you are part of the community that is BXX and Baanx you get to have a voice 😊

Q: What are the present and future goals of Baanx?

Here at Baanx, we are thinking very big and ambitiously. We believe you have to.

We have big partnerships coming out, such as Tezos (now live in 6 countries — and Ledger (over 250,000+ have signed up so far!). 💳

We have new services in the making, including Cryptodraft and our unique managed service. 💰

We will be able to push many of our services and of course, crucially BXX, on critical functionality into these as well. 🔥

Firstly, take a look at our updated product roadmap if you still haven’t. There’s a lot coming:

⚡️ DeFi customers go live with physical & virtual cards.

⚡️ Partnerships with DEX’s and CEX’s.

⚡️ Baanx will launch Tezos in the EEA and UK and Ledger in the EEA, UK and the US.

⚡️ Followed up by the launch of cards, wallets and secured interest-free Cryptodrafts in the United States.

⚡️Q3-Q4 2022 expansion to Africa and LATAM.

Q: How do you keep the ecosystem going in your project? And what are your plans for future innovations?

We are always looking at new ways to innovate and develop the platform. Whether it be with our native product or with one of our partners.

I would say NFTs are a natural progression for the Tezos Crypto Life App, although these are my personal thoughts. Not set in stone, so don’t hold me to ransom on this! 🥺

We are in talks with a few platforms who want to offer cards to their users to be able to spend earnings from NFTs, but again these are early days.

We also are speaking with some really well known clients — not just within the crypto space but within the wider more traditional spaces.

We may also be working with some government projects too.

So lots and lots of people want to keep the BXX and Baanx ecosystem driving and moving.

Twitter Segment

Q: One thing that caught my eye is that Baanx aims to bridge the gap between fees and crypto. Can people spend crypto like fiat with their cards? Will I be able to transfer my digital assets to my card and transfer them to crypto or local currency with Baanx?

This is what all Baanx native and partnership products are about.

Our fintech,Web3 focused products offer users the ability to:

BUY, SELL, SEND, SWAP, RECEIVE, TEXT, LOAN, STAKE and SPEND your digital assets all in one place.

Whether you want to HODL your tokens alongside BXX and BTC or spend it, you can do it all in one of our easy-to-use applications, such as the native Baanx App, Tezos Crypto Life App or the upcoming Ledger CL App or any of our partners for that matter 😊

Q: Staking programs are very important for every project? Does Baanx have any plans to start a staking program?

This is why we already offer staking for the BXX token in the Baanx App, in which users can earn rewards of up to 25% APY.

So even when the market is down, you can still be earning.

We also have a partnership with the Tezos Foundation who are our client and investor (we enable up to 10% ‘free’ money for Tezos holders) for those staking BXX in Tezos Crypto Life App.

When speaking with our partners we try to add staking of BXX into each of them. We are working on staking projects right now that have BXX and some of our partner coins together in one place.

Q: While Baanx aims to bridge the gap between fiat and digital finance, are your services primarily aimed at corporations and businesses? What products are available to individual crypto investors?

With our partners, we offer handy fintech solutions like Baanx, Tezos CL, Ledger CL Apps that integrate your crypto wallets with physical, digital and virtual cards.

This allows you to instantly liquidate your crypto in real life on the go as soon as you tap your card at a shop or if you pay online!

Some of the other fintech products include many functions, allowing our clients not only to pay with their crypto but also: BUY, SELL, SEND, SWAP, RECEIVE, TEXT, LOAN, STAKE and SPEND your digital assets all in one place.

Q: What are the main features of the project and how was it developed? Where does its core competitiveness lie? What advantages does it have that allow it to stand out in the market?

In 2014, our founders were working across Lending, Fintech and leading Banking companies — both listed and private — with great success. However, we were always looking for something which could offer improvements to the traditional fintech and banking sector. It was here our passion for the opportunities offered by automation, blockchain, AI and digital assets originated.

Fast forward to 2018. After successful careers across UBS, Mastercard, Gemalto, Commerzbank amongst others, we realised the first step in our dream — to start a Digital Asset friendly B2B2C Fintech platform — offering key services across cards, acquiring, remittance and digital assets within mobile apps and through APIs to the open market.

We launched an ICO in 2018. However, the market conditions were very difficult for a listing, so we continued to develop the business and build the company, while also growing our client base and technology. We also raised $15m+ in equity and convertible notes over the last 3yrs.

Q: Partners are very important for every project today. May I know which partners you have now? And which partners in the future you will be heading to?

I could be here all day as we have close to 30 clients we are working with so I won’t be able to go into all of them! So I’ll hit on some of the ones I think the community will be more interested in hearing about, and who will allow us to speak about them 😊

I’ll start with Tezos!

Tezos is one of Baanx’s earliest investors, and we’ve continued to maintain a strong relationship. Together, we have recently launched the Tezos Crypto Life App, and will soon be releasing the TCL card.

The TCL App lets users enjoy the benefits of DeFi, with the full security and convenience of traditional finance. Users can buy, sell and exchange cryptocurrencies with no hidden fees, as well as access Fixed Term Cryptodrafts. This gives them 50% of the value of their Tezos wallet (interest starting from 0%), full control of how much they want to borrow and for how long, and free withdrawal of their collateral at any time.

We will also be launching the Tezos Crypto Life Card very soon — a secure and easy-to-use cryptocard which enables quick and seamless crypto spending* and integration of up to five crypto wallets at a time.

Secondly — Ledger

Highly acclaimed for their unique digital security system, we are extremely excited to be working with Ledger on their new card. 💳💳

This new and avant-garde product offers a variety of cardholder benefits, including seamless crypto spending with instant conversion to fiat at the time of purchase, up to 2% cashback and Flexible and Fixed Term Cryptodrafts. 💰

We’re also planning on launching a crypto Paycheck 💸 feature, which will be announced soon.

We then have Reef! 🐠🐠

Another exciting project we’ve been working on is the Reef card. Reef is an EVM-compatible blockchain for smart contracts that offers low fees, high scalability and an excellent user experience.

Reef’s aim is to combine their ecosystem with a debit card through unique features. Users can spend their $REEF tokens at over 40 million global merchants, and will only have their tokens converted to fiat when they use the card. 💳

Reef also aims to integrate its low fees by offering its users a free card, as well as plans to subsidise fees, create tiers and offer staking opportunities.

Community Questions

Q: On which network can I get your token?

1) Binance Smart Chain

2) Tron

3) Ethereum

4) Polygon

Or any other network?

Currently the BXX token is on ETH. There may be plans in the future to move to a different network or become a multi-chain token.

Q: Do you have an audit certificate?


Are you working to audit your project, so that the security of the project becomes more secure and reliable?

We have run audits on the contract. We also have had security and vulnerability checks done on all of our software. This is to ensure all our token holders and users are safe 🙂

Q: Do you have any plans to add more members to your team, as ambassadors or any other position?

So recently Baanx hit 100 permanent members of staff within the Baanxsters internal team. We do, however, have over 120 members of the team as well as having external team members too who help with the community engagements just because they love BXX! We are ever growing as a business!

Q: What are your top 3 priorities in 2022? Could you share some plans for the upcoming year?

1) Keep growing the utility of BXX and its community.

2) Launch the full Ledger and Tezos rollout — UK, EEA and USA.

3) Launch more of our 30 other partners!

Q: Is your project community only for English speaking countries or for users not of other languages?

The applications are only available in certain locations. We have a global card issuing but unfortunately we can’t just issue globally as we have to ensure that we are working with the local regulators. At the moment we have the UK, EEA and the USA will be very soon!!

This was the end of our AMA with the A&Q Community! We thank you for joining us and we look forward to the next one.



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