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A&Q Community AMA Recap with Kieron Cartledge!

On May 12th, Kieron Cartledge, our Global Sales Director attended an Ask Me Anything session with the amazing A&Q Community! As always, Kieron provided fantastic information about everything we are doing over here at Baanx. If you missed it, don’t worry — we have the AMA recap here for you. Thank you for being a loyal part of the BXX community and don’t miss our upcoming AMAs and Cryptobites Twitter Space.

Introductory Segment

Q: Can you introduce yourself to our community?

Q: Could you explain a little about Baanx and what makes it different from other projects?

Q: Could you please provide some info about your roadmap and how Baanx is progressing so far?

Q: What is the use Case of $BXX? Can you provide details?

Q: What are the present and future goals of Baanx?

Q: How do you keep the ecosystem going in your project? And what are your plans for future innovations?

Twitter Segment

Q: One thing that caught my eye is that Baanx aims to bridge the gap between fees and crypto. Can people spend crypto like fiat with their cards? Will I be able to transfer my digital assets to my card and transfer them to crypto or local currency with Baanx?

Q: Staking programs are very important for every project? Does Baanx have any plans to start a staking program?

Q: While Baanx aims to bridge the gap between fiat and digital finance, are your services primarily aimed at corporations and businesses? What products are available to individual crypto investors?

Q: What are the main features of the project and how was it developed? Where does its core competitiveness lie? What advantages does it have that allow it to stand out in the market?

Q: Partners are very important for every project today. May I know which partners you have now? And which partners in the future you will be heading to?

Community Questions

Q: On which network can I get your token?

1) Binance Smart Chain

2) Tron

3) Ethereum

4) Polygon

Or any other network?

Q: Do you have an audit certificate?


Are you working to audit your project, so that the security of the project becomes more secure and reliable?

Q: Do you have any plans to add more members to your team, as ambassadors or any other position?

Q: What are your top 3 priorities in 2022? Could you share some plans for the upcoming year?

Q: Is your project community only for English speaking countries or for users not of other languages?

This was the end of our AMA with the A&Q Community! We thank you for joining us and we look forward to the next one.



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