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BXX 2022 Roadmap in Ledger and Tezos

Here’s the current BXX Token Utility presented in Ledger and Tezos in the Roadmap:

❗️ Stake BXX & Earn APY — up to 25%.
❗️ Cryptodraft Rates (across Baanx partner ecosystem) these start at 0% APR and based on the level of BXX you hold the LTV can be higher.
❗️ Cashback & Loyalty with BXX — Across the majority of the Baanx partner ecosystem — including Ledger and Tezos.
❗️ Rewards for sending BXX.

Conditions and % will be finalized and announced later.

If any other BXX utilities are added, we will also announce them to the community.

Follow Baanx BXX for the latest updates, events, rewards and more!



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