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Community Update

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for your support with BXX and being part of the Baanx Community, we are making some great steps forwards with the business, platform, clients and user base.

Due to the important developments below we will temporarily delay the token launch for a few days, from 5pm GMT 21st June 2021 until the 5th July 2021.

1 . This weekend we have been verbally offered a strong centralised exchange listing we have been talking to — assuming we can get and sign the contract fast and rapidly launch on there as expected, then this will be really great for the token (we will keep you all updated in the days/week to come).

2. As a separate point, unfortunately a number of our token holders haven’t finished KYC yet to be able to have their tokens loaded in the app for sending. We want it to be fair so that everyone is able to be ready, so when we turn on sending BXX from the Baanx wallet to any ETH address they are ready to send them.

We promise, if we don’t have the CEX (centralised exchange) contracted by/before 5th July 2021, then we will list on Uniswap — it just seems too good an opportunity to not wait and see what happens with this late development! We can let you know who it is shortly — we won’t be very long!

In the meantime a number of articles in locations like Cointelegraph are coming out soon, we will post these in the group — and keep you updated on the very important items above.

If there is anything you need for the app on the KYC side then please contact — or if you need me then email me on and Il come back as fast as I can!

Many thanks, Garth Howat, CEO,



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