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Join us for the AMA session this Monday September 6 at 3pm BST in our Baanx BXX Telegram channel!

Sean Salloux, Baanx, CRO, will answer your questions and provide insights on the upcoming announcement.

Plus, we’re giving away BXX rewards for best questions so get your thinking caps on!

AMA details:

Date and time: September 6 2021 @ 3pm BST
Where: Baanx BXX Telegram channel

Fav, Retweet and drop your Twitter questions in this twitter thread.

Or ask your questions Live in Telegram chat during the AMA.

$200 worth of BXX to give away in the session!

Learn more about Baanx, BXX, and join the conversation

Check out the Baanx App on either Apple or Android. You can buy, sell and transfer digital assets right from your smartphone. The Baanx ecosystem is powered by our BXX token. Find out more information on how you can get involved in the links below:

Trade BXX on Uniswap

Trade BXX on MEXC

Come join the conversation and be a part of the community.

BXX Community Links

Baanx Website

BXX Token

Telegram Group

Telegram Support

Telegram Announcement Channel






The token powering the Baanx ecosystem with free lending & services.

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