BaasBox Swift 3 SDK [Download]

After the release of Swift 3 by Apple last September, BaasBox keeps pace by publishing the SDK written in Swift 3 for our backend APIs.

You can find the download link here: Download.

Following this link you will find the whole BaasBox’s documentation: BaasBox’s Documentation.

Lastly, here you will find the docs for the swift 3 library: SDK Documentation.

But lets see which are the major differences with the Objective-C library:

  • Ability to configure many of the SDK variables;
  • Management of the Session Tokens;
  • Ability to create/modify/delete and fetch links;
  • Ability to fetch assets;
  • Updates for the live version of BaasBox.

Now lets review them one by one:

Ability to configure many of the SDK variables.

In the new Swift 3 SDK you can configure many parameters when you will set it up:

  • timeout: the timeout for HTTP calls.
  • retrylogin: you can choose whether the SDK will try to refresh the session token when its not valid.
  • loginStrategy: you can override the default login functions, defining your custom ones.
  • signupStrategy: same as loginStrategy but for signup.
  • logoutStrategy: same as before but for logout.
Thanks for all these configuration your app will be awesome as you imagine!

Management of the Session Tokens.

If “retrylogin” in your configuration is true, the library will try to refresh the session token when the server fails to authenticate you. In case of success it will fire the failed request and give you back the result. In case of failed login, the SDK will call the “notAuthorized” function defined in your logoutStrategy. Usually here you force the app back to login.

Ability to create/modify/delete and fetch links.

Ability to fetch “Assets”.

In this library are implemented all the functions for the BaasBox Links Management and “Assets” fetch.

(This is only the list of differences between the Objective-C library and the Swift 3 SDK).

Thanks to this new SDK you will have the possibility to use a multitude of new functions created with te aim to further lighten your work for the development with BaasBox.

For any doubt, curiosity or information you can contact us on Facebook, on Twitter or mail us at

Now I just have to wish you good work!

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