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How I fell down a rabbit hole and came out a better design collaborator

When the best collaborations come from the most confusing problems

First, some context

Three screenshots of a Slack thread detailing the issue and tagging product designer Sam and content designer Caitlin.

Diving deeper

If you can’t find the right clear, concise, and helpful words for a specific element, there’s probably something confusing about the element itself.

Glimmers of a solution

Versions of the widget in question, all with different CTAs, falling down a tunnel.

The bigger picture

Reaching wonderland

  • Learners with free credits could now easily reach the pricing page.
  • Free and reimbursed class credits were accurately and clearly communicated.
  • An unusable disabled booking button was replaced with a more useful subscribe button.

We actively sought each other’s feedback, and we ventured into each other’s wheelhouse without any disclaimers.

A graph showing how interaction with our pricing page doubled after we released these changes to the widget.

Our takeaways

Moving forward



We’re a team of of product designers, user researchers, and content designers sharing what we learn and discover while building products for language learners.

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