Updates and Best Practices for Writing High-Quality Stories on the Babel

Followed by a roundup of stories published in May

Rui Alves
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7 min readJun 2, 2024


Colorful image depicting the tower of Babel.
The Tower of Babel | Alexander Mikhalchyk on Wikimedia Commons

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May was the first full month we’ve had here in the Babel and what a month we had my friends, so many great stories shared, and the new friends we made along the way.

I’m ecstatic seeing how far we’ve grown as a community in a niche that sits so far from the mainstream.

Nevertheless, writing on the fringes of the creator economy gives us the chance to stand out if we put our best into it.

That’s one reason why I’ve launched this new writers’ guild under the banner of Alchemy Publications. I love working with each of you to help your stories reach their full potential.

I want to share with the community everything I’ve learned as a publisher over the last twenty years.

So whenever you need help, you know you can count on me to walk by your side along the way.

There’s a yellow brick road out of the labyrinth, and you should never walk it alone. Today, I’ve drafted a quick list of pointers to guide you in writing a story.



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