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Assemble the NFTs — BabySwap NFT Market Online

Hola Babies! Spring is here and it’s time for something fresh!

Baby MetaFi NFT Market has been online for a week — have you all tried that out? If this is a new thing to you, let me tell you what’s our NFT Market, what activities are coming up, and what else will be added to the market. 👶

Introduction of BabySwap NFT Market

The BabySwap NFT Market is a dedicated BNB chain platform for discovering, collecting, and selling NFTs (BEP-721). It brings together BabySwap NFB (Non-Fungible Baby), INO (Initial NFT Offering) projects, IFO (Initial Farm Offering) projects, and many more upcoming NFT collections to provide a fully featured platform for NFT projects and users.

We now have our own NFB collection listed on the market, as well as our first gamepad projects. As far as I know, there will be 2–3 new collections added to the market weekly during our grand opening stage. We welcome all NFT on the BNB Chain to join us. Please feel free to sign up and join us!

NFT-Market Baby

Speaking of the grand opening, have you received our gifts? We had an airdrop with NFT-Market Baby NFB to 6,351 NFB holders who have 2 or more NFB in their wallet or staking, or have 1 NFB with 100 BABY or 1,000 BABY face value. We appreciate the support, and we know the support was from the very beginning when we issued our first-ever NFB in 2021. It was the start of Baby’s NFT journey with all of you.

Check the sheet and see if you are qualified, or you could go to BabySwap NFB and take a look.

NFT Boost Coming Up

Don’t be sad if you didn’t get the gifts from us! It’s always not too late to start your NFT journey with Baby MetaFi. Join the new activity and get NFB with 100 BABY face value and additional BABY rewards!


7 Days

2022–03–31 00:00 (UTC) — 2022–04–07 00:00 (UTC)

Total Rewards:

600 of Baby Special NFB with 100 BABY face value

20,000 BABY token


1. Trade NFT on Baby MetaFi NFT Market and the trading volume during the campaign time will be counted.

The winners will share the rewards in proportion:

2. List NFT on Baby MetaFi NFT Market and get listing rewards.

100 winners will be randomly chosen and each wins a Baby Special NFB with 100 BABY face value.


1) Both buying and selling on Baby MetaFi NFT Market can be counted.

2) The winner list will be announced within 7 business days after the campaign ends.

3) The addresses with actions such as using a bot or script for trading volumes will be removed from the winning list.

NFT Market Future Upgrades

Other than the collections that will be onboard in the future, we also have trading rewards, dashboard, lucky NFT, and several other upgrades waiting for you.

Let’s assemble both BEP-20 and BEP-721 together on Baby MetaFi!!

Discover, collect, and show your love of NFT here on Baby NFT Market.

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