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Baby Perpetual Swap is here!

Hola babies! We always wanna provide full-round services for you and fulfill your needs in the crypto world. As more features coming up, we are gradually building a strong platform. Today, let me present to you our newest feature released — Perpetual!!

Perpetual and BABY Discount

Baby is the future and baby needs the future!! We’ve been working with ApolloX to bring this new feature to BabySwap. Now you are able to trade perpetuals on BabySwap! Do not limit yourselves to the present, let’s forecast the future.

A perpetual contract is a special type of futures contract, but unlike the traditional form of futures, it doesn’t have an expiry date. So one can hold a position for as long as they like. For more terms and guidelines about perpetual futures contracts, please visit our docs.

The trading fees are 0.02% of the notional value for makers and 0.07% for the taker. BABY will be the default payment option for trading fees, followed by APX (ApolloX’s token) and USDT. Any users who are paying the trading fees in BABY will enjoy a 10% discount on trading fees.

About ApolloX Finance

Baby made friends with ApolloX Finance, who adopts DeFi futures trading and brings their perpetual to BabySwap. You are now able to have perpetual trading using BabySwap, along with a 10% discount to use BABY as the trading fee.

ApolloX Finance is a decentralized derivatives trading protocol. Through “off-chain matching + on-chain settlement” model, Apollox Finance achieves high transaction performance and fast response speeds while ensuring the safety and transparency of users’ funds. Furthermore, ApolloX Finance has excellent market depth since it shares liquidity with ApolloX CEX. Users can enjoy a smooth trading experience while connecting to ApolloX Finance with just one click through their decentralized wallets.

To learn more about ApolloX Finance, our principal advises you to visit their official communication channel.

Please check about more details here:

Notes from Baby

Perpetual Swap has a relatively higher risk than Spot Trading. Please DYOR on perpetual tradings other than the guidebook provided by BabySwap and know your own risks before you start trading. Please use wisely and note that the higher ratio means higher risk of losing your collaterals. You should fully understand the risk associated and be responsible for any forced liquidation of assets or losses.

More features are about to launch! Thank you for being with BabySwap on this journey.

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