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Last of the First: Baby 2.0 Incoming

Fella babies, thank you for being with us this entire journey!

We’ve passed the cradle stage and are gradually learning how to walk and talk. As we walk around and start talking with grown-ups, more challenges will arrive! In May 2022, our LAST month of the FIRST year, I’d like to share with you our feelings and thoughts, as well as the future plans! To be clear, this is not our monthly journey! Just a memo for babies to know our adjustments and the prep of the next era.

This is gonna be an exciting year, so let’s begin with our steps into Baby MetaFi 2.0.

Smart Router — Sign of the New Era

Yes, no more waiting — Smart Router is officially online! After more than a month of A/B testing, we finally adjusted everything properly and were ready to go official! First off, we highly appreciate the participation of all the baby testers! Cheers to y’all! We’ve detected several bugs, weird transactions, failed trades, but we’ve conquered all! Now, you are able to trade more than 90% of BEP20 Tokens all on BabySwap, and the Smart Router will find the best route for you.

Smart Router is an important sign that marks BabySwap into the Baby 2.0 era. In the previous normal router, the trade relies heavily on Baby LPs, and that’s why we have 8 BABY per block distributed to Farm LP providers and encourage people to add liquidity. It affected us in the upgrade of BABY Tokenomics. In the 12th months, after Smart Router’s official launch, we no longer rely on Baby LPs, while we could offer the best trading experience at the same time. It also means we don’t need to allocate that many BABY to Farm, but better use the BABY incentives in other places.

Farm — Adjustment towards the New Era

Since we no longer rely on Baby LPs, we will adjust most of the multipliers and suspend most of the farms. You could withdraw the assets from the suspended farm in the ‘Finished’ section. The remaining farms and their multipliers are illustrated as below:

The unfinished farms will still remain until the due date. Note that with that many farms being taken out, new farms tend to have higher returns. Remember to get a spot in the farm before it’s too late!

Bottle — End of the Good Old Days

Other than Farm adjustment, we are also going to have major adjustments for Bottle. We received several opinions from our community about enhancing the Bottle feature, so we decided to temporarily shut down Bottle for a few weeks and give our devs some time to develop new mechanisms into Bottle.

We’ve already come up with a new rule that offers more benefits to our voters. Stay tuned for the updates, babies!

Pools — Greetings to Baby MetaFi 2.0

Since we will not be giving farms away that easily, our ‘Trade Mining, Farm, and Pool’ mode will be changed to Cross Pools or Triple Pools mode!

We will have 3 kinds of pools for BEP 20 tokens in the future.

  • BABY Pool: Stake BABY earn ALT (As usual)
  • Snack Pool: Stake ALT earn BABY
  • Snack Pool: Stake ALT earn ALT

That means NO IMPERMANENT LOSS, babies!!

Who’s gonna swim in the Snack Pool with me?

Baby Gang — BUIDLing of Baby’s Core Community

DID is also coming up with our Baby Community project — Baby Gang. Baby Gang is formed based on the 10,000 profile pictures which are also Baby’s official PFP assets, similar to the trending BAYC, Azuki, Moonbirds, etc.

Baby PFP is the core asset of Baby Metaverse, and takes responsibility for Baby to expand its branding in both Web 3 and Web 2. It will be solely operated in the future.

The BabySwap team is working hard on DID related features, such as My Assets, Profile, etc. We are working together to build our own Baby culture and community style, as you might see we have many Baby MEME trending on Twitter and Discord, as well as designing the benefits and relatives.

We will definitely have more plans to be announced in our monthly journal.

But let’s first go back and read through this article once again to make sure you understand every single movement and change!

This is the last month of the first year, and the new beginning in respect to the good old days.

Hold on for dear life, babies!

Baby is the bright future.

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