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Playground of the Week: ApolloX Finance

Hi babies, how y‘all doing this week? On this beautiful Sunday, BabySwap brings babies a star series — Playground of the week.

We all know that Playground is the wonderland for BABY. You can use BABY to play and earn at our friend’s house. There are various types of games, prediction, vaults, payment, NFT minting, yield farm, etc for you to explore.

For Playground of the Week, we will introduce a glowing project from BabySwap playground every week. Guess who’s baby’s favorite?

Let us welcome the first selected project — ApolloX Finance.

Introduce by Baby

ApolloX Finance is a decentralized derivatives trading protocol. Through “off-chain matching + on-chain settlement” model, Apollox Finance achieves high transaction performance and fast response speeds while ensuring the safety and transparency of users’funds. Furthermore, ApolloX Finance has excellent market depth since it shares liquidity with ApolloX CEX. Users can enjoy a smooth trading experience while connecting to ApolloX Finance with just one click through their decentralized wallets.

To learn more about ApolloX Finance, our principal advises you to visit their official communication channel.

Play with Baby

Baby made friends with ApolloX Finance, who adopts DeFi futures trading and brings their perpetual to BabySwap. You are now able to have perpetual trading using BabySwap, along with 10% discount to use BABY as the fee. More use cases for our babies! ApolloX Finance is one of Baby’s best friends, and we will together bring more surprises to our users and partners! We are more than happy to connect the projects with ApolloX Finance to explore more use cases for tokens.

Chat with Baby

Our baby invited ApolloX Finance to the house and chatted a little bit, here’s the record!

1. What are the main advantages of ApolloX Finance for the user, compared to the similar projects?

Certainly, there are many advantages to using ApolloX. Firstly, we are the world’s first hybrid exchange, which offers both Centralised Exchange (CEX) and Decentralised Exchange (DEX) giving users the freedom of choice. In addition, we also have a world-class matching engine so transactions are safe and fast. We also provide the highest leverage vs other platforms at 100x, and a large variety of trading pairs for users to choose from.

ApolloX also has deep liquidity because of our unparalleled order-book liquidity which allows our users to trade efficiently with minimal slippage. And last but not least we do not have KYC, this allows any countries or regions to trade freely without worrying about disclosing your personal information.

2. What is your security strategy? How do you protect your users, their funds and data?

Security is indeed very important and we want to arm our users with measures to enhance security when they use ApolloX. On ApolloX CEX, crypto tokens are stored in cold wallets, which you know are kept offline. To protect users’ accounts from unauthorised access, we implemented 2FA. You can set up 2FA through an app like Google Authenticator, as well as SMS authentication.

You can also manage which devices have access to your ApolloX account. An additional security step is required when there is a new device login or a new IP address. You can create a list of whitelisted crypto addresses with the option to only allow withdrawals to these whitelisted addresses. Something small but important: When you set up an anti-phishing code, you can tell whether your notification emails are coming from ApolloX or from phishing attempts.

For those who prefer to own their wallet keys, we also have our DEX for users to have full control over their funds!

3. What’s your roadmap for the next couple of months?

Do stay tuned for the launch of our Spot Trading on DEX launching very soon! We previously launched Spot on CEX in March and have been getting a lot of requests from our users to launch it on DEX as well. Thus, to satisfy our users we will be launching it really soon! In the meantime, users can take part in our DEX pre-launch activity with $10,000 rewards to be won. More information here:

Moreover, we decided to launch ApolloX 2.0 to provide users with continuous improvement on the degree of decentralisation, better platform experience and also to explore user-centric metrics by leveraging market trends. We will be launching our DAO governance model in this quarter because of the flexible, fair and transparent manner to which they govern the platform. This also allows our users to have more say in the development of our platform providing us more opportunities to improve.

4. Tell me a little more about your latest feature.

Yes, our most recent launches were the Grid Trading function and Spot trading on CEX.

For Grid Trading, we wanted to equip users with a strategic tool to help automate the buying and selling of future contracts. We would recommend more experienced users to utilise Grid Trading function to mitigate the risks when trading futures.

In addition, we launched Spot Trading on CEX too. We will add more trading pairs soon based on users needs and market conditions. Users now have the option to choose between Spot and Futures trading when they trade on our CEX. The reason why we started Spot trading is because even though we are a prominent futures exchange, Spot is simple and useful for most users and we want to create more value for our users.

5. Why did you decide to cooperate with BabySwap?

We think our cooperation would be a win-win situation for both BabySwap and ApolloX.

Moreover, BabySwap has been one of our good friends since 2021. Not just the BabySwap team, but also BABY users are open minded and supportive when it comes to good initiatives.

6. What do you hope to see next for BabySwap?

We look forward to seeing more innovative products on BabySwap, as well as more exciting partnerships.

Moreover, we would like to see more BABY users start to trade perpetual contracts as it generates profit in both bull and bear markets.

7. Are you going to have any other cooperation with BabySwap? What are they?

We have already done a few AMAs with BNB Chain globally. We have hosted AMAs with BNB Chain Africa, India and Global and also launched airdrop activities with their communities. We certainly hope to be doing more partnerships in the future so stay tuned to our social channels to find out more and be notified!

8. Say something nice to the baby!

It has been a pleasure collaborating and we certainly are excited for our strengthened partnership in the near future!

BabySwap Playground welcomes more projects to join, and is committed to bringing more use cases and benefits to babies.

Guess what’s the glowing project next week?

Let us all play with the baby!

Principal’s Note





Disclaimer — All projects are subject to both high market risk and volatility. Please, do your own research and full due diligence before even considering investing your funds in any project and please, make your investments very cautiously. BabySwap will not be held responsible for any investment losses.



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