One Parenting Hack To Quiet Your Days

Hint: what are you focusing on?

Brown-haired, green-eyed woman watching from behind a green-leafed bush, with only her eyes and eyebrows barely visible.
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So, you’ve yelled at them again, and you’re feeling miserable again. The guilt is eating you out and only makes you want to… scream. You’re feeling helpless and don’t know what else to do. It’s either that they don’t listen to you, and yelling gives you the false hope that they will hear you better if you raise your voice. Or, it happens without…




On growing closer to your child, embracing and resolving conflicts, enjoying life as a parent.

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Adelina Vasile

Adelina Vasile

Aspiring toddler taming master, part-time (copy)writer. Hit me up at

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