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Babylon Finance: Gardener’s Digest #9

📖 Overview

Gardener’s Digest is a weekly newsletter highlighting changes and news in the Babylon Finance ecosystem. Learn more about Babylon Finance and join your first garden here:

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📢 News

Public Launch

Babylon has ended the Settlers Beta and is scheduled for public launch at the end of March. Babylonians who have staked a prophet NFT will receive 2 BABL tokens on launch day.

BIP-11 Bonding Coming

Be on the lookout for new functionality in the Heart of Babylon that will allow for bonding WETH/BABL UNIv3 LP tokens and cTokens from Babylon’s Gold Lender pool on Rari. A full summary of BIP-11 can be found here.

Pending Updates

  • Next week when heart bonding goes live, a new claim and stake function will become available at the same time. This function will allow users to claim BABL rewards and stake them into the Heart in the same transaction.
  • Next week as a part of a larger update, Gamma will be fully integrated allowing strategists to add liquidity to Uniswap V3 pairs.
  • Friday, April 1st, 2 BABL will be sent to the prophets who staked before Dec 1st and maintained their stake until then. A list of eligible addresses can be found here:

📜 Governance

BIP-14 Increase BABL Liquidity

After the MEV bot event, a new governance proposal has passed that involves increasing liquidity for BABL. In addition to BIP-14, BIP-11 Heart Bonding will allow Babylon to own it’s own liquidity going forward and actively manage that liquidity. The proposal has been executed on chain. A summary of the proposal can be found here.

Liquidity has already been added in these two transactions:

BIP-15 Referral Program

Discussions have begun in Discord around creating a referral program in order to attract liquidity to the platform. The proposal suggests funding the initiative with 10,000 BABL. Users that deposit at least $5k into a verified garden through your referral link will earn you 1 BABL token. If all 10,000 BABL is allocated in this program that translates into another $50M in TVL for Babylon.

📈 Stats

TVL & Users

DeFi Llama TVL Chart

Babylon Finance currently has $17.5M in TVL and has created over $315.85K in wealth within 92 different Gardens for their 1,381 users.

Babylon’s Treasury is currently holding $4.7M in assets.

🌴 Participate in the Babylon Ecosystem

If you want to join us on our mission to help people create wealth through DeFi, please visit our Discord and help us build a better way for communities to invest in DeFi together.️

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If you want to lend/borrow from the Babylon Fuse Pool which is currently earning rewards, click here.

If you want to stake BABL, you can visit the heart website here. If you need to purchase BABL first, it is currently trading on Uniswap 🦄. You can purchase BABL here.

Alternatively, you can join our beta and start investing in gardens. BABL mining rewards are accrued based on the capital invested, the duration of the investment, and the performance.

Community Calls & Twitter Spaces

Babylon Finance hosts Q&A sessions on Discord and Twitter spaces to talk about all things Babylon. Follow us on Twitter and join our Discord to stay up to date on the next community call.



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