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Babylon is a community-led asset management protocol that enables users to create investment clubs (we call them gardens) and invest in DeFi together. It’s built on the Ethereum network and it’s non-custodial, transparent, permission-less, and governed by the community. BABL is the governance token behind it.

We are relentlessly working to provide our DeFi investment clubs with all the primitives needed to build wealth together.

A month ago, we released support for 22 Pickle Jars.

Today, we are excited to announce support for Uniswap V3 Jars and 25 Pickle Farms.

🥒 Pickle Jars & Farms

In Pickle, users first deposit assets into a Jar, then the protocol automatically deposits them into yield farms and compounds the rewards for the user saving time and gas for users. Pickle is one of the leading yield aggregators with more than $43M in TVL.

Now, Babylon gardens can create strategies that stake the pickle jar tokens. Babylon strategies will now receive $PICKLE emissions on top of the jar benefits: greater capital efficiency and reduced gas costs. One pickle strategy can serve hundreds of garden members at once, splitting the gas costs and increasing capital efficiency.

A Babylon Strategy is able to enter an LP position in Sushi, UniswapV2, Uniswap V3, or Curve and then stakes the LP tokens into the Jar. Then, the LP tokens of the jar can be staked into the farm 🚜

🧙‍♂️ How to Create a Pickle Farm strategy

In Babylon, you can combine different primitives from other DeFi protocols to create your own DeFi strategy. No code is required.

Here is a video of how to create a strategy within Babylon:

Here are specific steps to create a strategy that stakes assets in Pickle and then stakes the pTokens in the farm.

  1. Click on create strategy button within your garden 🌴
  2. (Optional) If the Jar requires an LP token, you need to add liquidity first. Add Liquidity-> Uniswap, Sushiswap, or Curve
You’ll see the Pickle icon if the LP tokens are stakeable in Pickle

3. Stake->Pickle

4. Select the Jar you want to stake the tokens at.

4. Add a new Stake operation and select Pickle Farm. Pick the same jar.

5. Complete all the additional strategy params

Done 🚀

📖 Farm List

The following 25 pickle farms are now available on Babylon:

  • pCurve 3pool Jar — 0x1BB74b5DdC1f4fC91D6f9E7906cf68bc93538e33
  • pCurve ETH/stETH Jar — 0x77C8A58D940a322Aea02dBc8EE4A30350D4239AD
  • Sushi DAI/ETH Jar — 0x55282dA27a3a02ffe599f6D11314D239dAC89135
  • Sushi USDC/ETH Jar — 0x8c2D16B7F6D3F989eb4878EcF13D695A7d504E43
  • Sushi USDT/ETH Jar — 0xa7a37aE5Cb163a3147DE83F15e15D8E5f94D6bCE
  • Sushi WBTC/ETH Jar — 0xde74b6c547bd574c3527316a2eE30cd8F6041525
  • Sushi YFI/ETH Jar — 0x3261D9408604CC8607b687980D40135aFA26FfED
  • Sushi CVX/ETH Jar — 0xDCfAE44244B3fABb5b351b01Dc9f050E589cF24F
  • pYearn LUSD/3CRV Jar — 0x4fFe73Cf2EEf5E8C8E0E10160bCe440a029166D2
  • pYearn FRAX/3CRV Jar — 0x729C6248f9B1Ce62B3d5e31D4eE7EE95cAB32dfD
  • pYearn Ironbank Jar — 0x4E9806345fb39FFebd70A01f177A675805019ba8
  • pCurve MIM/3CRV Jar — 0x1Bf62aCb8603Ef7F3A0DFAF79b25202fe1FAEE06
  • pSushi SPELL/ETH Jar — 0xdB84a6A48881545E8595218b7a2A3c9bd28498aE
  • pSushi MIM/ETH Jar — 0x993f35FaF4AEA39e1dfF28f45098429E0c87126C
  • pCurve cvxCRV/CRV Jar — 0xF1478A8387C449c55708a3ec11c143c35daf5E74
  • pCurve CRV/ETH Jar — 0x1c5Dbb5d9864738e84c126782460C18828859648
  • pCurve CVX/ETH Jar — 0xc97f3fd224d90609831a2B74b46642aC43afE5ee
  • pUniv2 LOOKS/ETH Jar — 0x69CC22B240bdcDf4A33c7B3D04a660D4cF714370
  • pUniv3 USDC/ETH 0.05% Jar — 0x8CA1D047541FE183aE7b5d80766eC6d5cEeb942A
  • pUniv3 LOOKS/ETH 0.3% Jar — 0x0A3a5764945E29E38408637bC659981f0172b961
  • pUniv3 USDC/USDT 0.01% Jar — 0x563c77b40c7f08bA735426393Cf5f0e527D16C10
  • pUniv3 WBTC/ETH 0.05% Jar — 0xAaCDaAad9a9425bE2d666d08F741bE4F081C7ab1
  • pUniv3 COW/ETH Jar — 0xf0Fb82757B9f8A3A3AE3524e385E2E9039633948
  • pUniv3 APE/ETH Jar — 0x49ED0e6B438430CEEdDa8C6d06B6A2797aFA81cA
  • pUniv3 FRAX/DAI Jar — 0xe7b69a17B3531d01FCEAd66FaF7d9f7655469267

🔥 The Pickle Garden is imminent…

This integration completes all the prerequired work needed to start the Pickle Field garden.

This Pickle Garden is going to provide index exposure to the top-performing Pickle Jars.

LPs can just deposit DAI and benefit from jars auto compounding, $PICKLE emissions, and $BABL rewards. Plus, they also receive the usual garden benefits like gas-free deposits, tax minimization, and share execution costs.

Did you know that in Ancient Babylon, pickles were a staple in the diet?

🧠 Become a Manager/Strategist on Babylon

As a strategist, you would receive up to 10% of the profits (varies per garden) + 10% BABL rewards.

More about BABL rewards in the Mining Program.

If you are interested, take a look at https://www.babylon.finance/managers

🌴 Join Babylon

Visit Babylon by clicking this link👇


We are building Babylon to help people access the best opportunities in crypto through native DeFi investment clubs or gardens. You can now invest along with others, save on gas, speed up your learning and minimize your transactions all at once.

Here are some of the top-performing gardens in Babylon:

⛲️ The Fountain of ETH. Deposit ETH and grow it using staking and lending strategies.

💲The Stable Garden. Deposit and grow your DAI with yield farming strategies.

🫀The Heart of Babylon. Stake your BABL, reinvest protocol fees and vote on governance for free.

You can visit Babylon here.

Join our Discord to become part of Babylon.



Ramon Recuero

Founder of Babylon.finance. Previously at Y Combinator, Zynga, Google and OpenZeppelin.