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2 min readDec 27, 2021

Babylon is a community-led asset management protocol that enables users to create investment clubs (we call them gardens) and invest in DeFi together. It’s built on the Ethereum network and it’s non-custodial, transparent, permission-less, and governed by the community. BABL is the governance token behind it.

Convex + Babylon

UPDATED April 11th, 2022 — Added crypto and factory pools (new in bold)

Last week we published a list with all the curve pools that are supported within Babylon.

Today, we take the next step and we are adding support for convex staking, so Babylon strategists can decide to create a strategy that after adding liquidity to Curve, stakes the resulting curve LP tokens into Convex.

We are working hard to provide our investment clubs and their members a way to combine Defi primitives — no code required — to generate wealth and share them with others.

🧶 Convexity

Convex allows liquidity providers to earn trading fees and claim boosted CRV without locking CRV themselves. Liquidity providers can receive boosted CRV and liquidity mining rewards with minimal effort.

Convex is the fourth biggest DeFi protocol, with almost $12B in value locked. Convex has become the leading destination to utilize your curve lp tokens, and many other protocols like Yearn or Pickle use it for their yield farming strategies.

We are happy to announce that we now support 25 convex pools. The following pools are now available on Babylon:

  • compound — 0x32512Bee3848bfcBb7bEAf647aa697a100f3b706
  • usdt — 0xA1c3492b71938E144ad8bE4c2fB6810b01A43dD8
  • y — 0x0928F6753880A03628eB0be07b77992c8af37874
  • busd — 0x59bB786F222d3f0f00B0dA31B799Fff80D552940
  • susd — 0x11D200ef1409cecA8D6d23e6496550f707772F11
  • pax — 0x2eA94b0d3349A284488ACF2934E494b2f58ef647
  • ren — 0x74b79021Ea6De3f0D1731fb8BdfF6eE7DF10b8Ae
  • hbtc — 0x33c00bF8CFDf42929E0884d230A55F963221f8f3
  • tripool — 0x30D9410ED1D5DA1F6C8391af5338C93ab8d4035C
  • gusd — 0x15c2471ef46Fa721990730cfa526BcFb45574576
  • husd — 0xe4de776C0eA0974bfA39B8cbB9491091C8cDc1ff
  • usdk — 0x47941F99F4371CC26637CaEdBbd8Ba5F4bfE5149
  • usdn — 0x3689f325E88c2363274E5F3d44b6DaB8f9e1f524
  • musd — 0xd34d466233c5195193dF712936049729140DBBd7
  • rsv — 0x8b876C2C02B1f2Ac6Ec207B7f2f06034A4316A87
  • dusd — 0x06f4fFa5C3636AaA5C30B3DB97bfd1cd9Ac24A19
  • ust — 0x67c4f788FEB82FAb27E3007daa3d7b90959D5b89
  • aave — 0x23F224C37C3A69A058d86a54D3f561295A93d542
  • steth — 0x9518c9063eB0262D791f38d8d6Eb0aca33c63ed0
  • saave — 0x09CCD0892b696AB21436e51588a7a7f8b649733d
  • aeth — 0x7E96955b66c89B931BBDAf187740Cc0fF2602F21
  • usdp — 0x7a5dC1FA2e1B10194bD2e2e9F1A224971A681444
  • ib — 0x912EC00eaEbf3820a9B0AC7a5E15F381A1C91f22
  • tusd — 0x0A2eA49EB5F9e23058deffD509D13DDd553c2A19
  • frax — 0xbE0F6478E0E4894CFb14f32855603A083A57c7dA
  • lusd — 0xFB9B2f06FDb404Fd3E2278E9A9edc8f252F273d0
  • busdv2 — 0x02D784f98A312aF3e2771297Feff1Da8273e4F29
  • alusd — 0xCA3D9F45FfA69ED454E66539298709cb2dB8cA61
  • mim — 0xabB54222c2b77158CC975a2b715a3d703c256F05
  • cvxcrv — 0x8FDF7cabfEc73d5FfD1447867834b4cf39B745B7
  • mimust — 0x766A8D4DE01D3eD575CdEf0587Eaf615eCB46726
  • d3pool — 0x88c82d9767CC8AF564Da81dDD10741fa9D875682
  • wormhole — 0x2d2006135e682984a8a2eB74F5C87c2251cC71E9
  • tricrypto2 — 0x903C9974aAA431A765e60bC07aF45f0A1B3b61fb
  • crveth — 0x0Fb8dcdD95e4C48D3dD0eFA4086512f6F8FD4565
  • cvxeth — 0x0bC857f97c0554d1d0D602b56F2EEcE682016fBA
  • spell — 0xe87f447ef9B76905A25ab8160c7EF66864f4984A
  • feimetapool — 0x6b35abd7612270E09244aFdbE3e5cf67f3B4E09F
  • badgerwbtc — 0xe7f50e96e0FE8285D3B27B3b9A464a2102C9708c
  • btflyeth — 0x6b45b93B4505B5c134262c3985d776D71a20D601

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Ramon Recuero

Cofounder at Kinto. Previously at Babylon Finance, Y Combinator, Zynga, Google and OpenZeppelin.