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In our last post, we dove into how Babylon will work. This week, we’re excited to share more information about our upcoming Settlers Beta.

We’re in the process of completing our first security audit and we plan to begin alpha testing the protocol with our team and investors this week. After alpha, we’ll kick off the Settlers Beta, likely sometime in June.

📃 What to Expect

Settlers will be invited to create the first investment communities (called “Gardens”) in our private beta, similar to how settlers in ancient Babylon established a small village that grew into a bustling civilization.

After creating a Garden, the Gardener will be able to invite up to 100 people to join. They will also be able to assign permissions, enabling the people they invite to deposit capital, suggest investment strategies, and/or vote.

During beta, deposits will be capped at 1,000 ETH per Garden and all Gardens will be private, meaning only whitelisted addresses can join.

🔧 Settler Responsibilities

The purpose of beta is to battle-test the protocol. We can’t do this with a large number of users all at once, so we’ll prioritize sending invites to people based on their contributions to the project in Discord, their investment track record, and their network.

It’s important to note that we expect to encounter issues during beta. The protocol will have undergone a prior security audit, however, no protocol is 100% safe. No one should deposit more than they can afford to lose and we ask that Settlers be open to helping us rapidly improve the protocol.

💰 Why join?

We previously proposed that 50% of $BABL be distributed to the community via a Participation Mining Program utilizing a supply curve, meaning the most $BABL would be distributed in the first quarter. We expect the program to be formalized and initiated by community vote, likely during beta.

Proposed supply curve for $BABL rewards

In addition to having the opportunity to earn $BABL rewards, Settlers will be able to establish a reputation and claim prime Garden real estate prior to launch, positioning them to attract more capital if they open their Gardens.

⛺ Settle Babylon

We believe crypto is going to be the best-performing asset class over the next two decades. Settlers will be able to help build a better way to invest in this opportunity together, from the ground up.

If you’re interested in becoming one of Babylon’s Settlers, you can sign up for the beta waitlist and learn more on our updated website.

Stay tuned for our litepaper, coming next week. We promise to keep the Code of Hammurabi references to a minimum.

Legal Disclaimers

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