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Win $1,000 by Drinking Beer

Beer was the beloved beverage of the ancient Babylonians. In fact, it was considered a citizen’s right and everyone partook: men and women, rich and poor, old and young.

Like the ancient Babylonians, we believe beer can help foster a strong community. In anticipation of our upcoming , we’d like to buy you and your friends a round of beers to discuss your plans for creating the first investment communities (“Gardens”) in Babylon.

🍺 How it works:

  • Take a photo of you and at least one friend drinking a beer (or other beverage) before noon PDT on June 14, 2021.
  • The photo must include someone holding a piece of paper with the word “Babylon” written on it.
  • Tweet the photo and tag . Only one tweet per group. Get creative to maximize your chances of winning!
  • Send a DM from the same Twitter account right after tweeting with a link to the tweet and your USDC address.
  • We will send the first 100 DMs $20 USDC to cover the round (sorry, we can’t split payment between multiple addresses).
  • From June 15 — June 18 at noon PDT we will hold a community vote in to select the top three tweets. Invite your friends to vote!
  • 1st prize will win $1,000 USDC, 2nd $500 USDC, 3rd $100 USDC. Each will also receive an invite to the first round of our Settlers Beta.

Good luck, Babylonians! Like Gilgamesh, the semi-mythic King who quit his search for the meaning of life to enjoy its simple pleasures (including drinking beer with friends) we hope you find joy in your round — on us!

Fine print: The goal of this competition is to foster a creative and positive community. Have fun, but please follow your local laws and the competition rules. Our team reserves the right to disqualify entries that we suspect of cheating and/or detracting from the positive spirit of the competition. We’re a small team and it may take us a few days to send payment and/or respond to messages. If we receive a large number of entries, we may select which are eligible for the Discord vote. If any of this concerns you, please don’t participate.



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