Kolaruseeme Mattuponnu

(The daughter in law from Kolar area)

According to my brother in law, Kolaruseeme Mattuponnu is of Gold standard. She is the role model for all the daughters in law. She is an exceptional cook. Very beautiful. Excellent mother. Excellent girl. Unique in every sphere. She is excellence personified in every aspect of the house, and she is perfect in all respects. She is the most sought after the girl for a hand in the marriage in our family circles.

She realises that husband is the priority over any other thing in the family, and works on the unwritten principle — if you take care of your spouse for six months after marriage, he will take care of you for the next sixty years. Even the children come next to the husband in the pecking order. Though the husband will lose his voice figuratively after a couple of years, it is always considered a privilege to marry a girl from Kolar Seeme.

You can identify her very quickly in a crowd. All you need to do is to ask a question in Tamil. She will respond in a unique accent, very different from other Tamil speaking women. She can adapt to the environment very quickly. She knows how to dress and present herself as the situation requires. She can change into Lullulemon tights and sculptanks for jogging in the morning or wear a nine-yard saree with matching jewellery for a function during the day when necessary. She can also appear in a casual top and tight jeans in the evening for a family gettogether. She is a deck of cards for things to unfold differently.

She has the right vocabulary, and she can express herself loud and clear her position in a group setting. She is on top of current affairs, and she has a view on any subject on the earth ranging from microbes to Space X Dragon flight. However, she is not comfortable when the majority of the group members are of the same feather.

She runs the family as a tight ship. In the first six months after the marriage, she starts learning who is who in the family, the weaknesses of the family members. She has the right words for everyone and leaves no stone unturned to make sure that she has total control over the family operations. She gets into detail into everything — expenses, provisions, bills, messages and emails received by the husband etc. In an awkward situation, she knows how to break brick by brick and come out as a winner. She has problems, she adjusts.

End quote from Subhashithams:

काकः कृष्ण: पिको कृष्ण: को भेदो काक पिकयोः

वसन्त समये प्राप्ते काकः काकः पिकः पिकःII

(Kakah krishna pikah krishna, Ko bheda pika kaka yoho?
Vasanta samaye praptey, Kakah kakah pikah pikaha!)

The crow is black, as is the cuckoo, and they are difficult to tell apart. Come springtime(COVID time), the crow caws and the cuckoo sings a melodious tune.

COVID times. Many of us are locked down in the house, and a vast majority is working from home. Time has come to test our relationships under the roof. This is the season of reckoning for all of us, including the Mattuponnu.

(Kolar-seeme is erstwhile Kolar district which included the current Chikkaballapur district. Older than Bangalore, Kolar dates back to the second century. The Western Gangas made Kolar their capital, ruling Mysore, Coimbatore, Salem and Travancore. Due to the discovery of the Kolar Gold Fields, the district has become known as the “Golden Land” of India. The Kolaramma temple, built-in Dravida Vimana style during the second century, is dedicated to Shakti. It is not surprising that Kolaruseeme Mattuponnu is very powerful. Hence the Mattuponnu from Kolar-seeme also inherits the name “ Golden Girl”.)



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