Why we are going ‘back to the napkin’ at Dialexa

Here at Dialexa we enjoy sharing our experiences and expertise with our industry peers, business leaders and just about anyone who wants to grab a beer and discuss technology, innovation and future trends.

Typically this has been more thoughtful content in the form of ebooks, longer-form blog posts and presenting at events.

But before we get there we need a place to curate thoughts, notes and musings. We wanted to get back to basics with our content creation. This led us to creating ‘back to the napkin’ to cater to this more relaxed tone, opinions and ramblings in the realms of technology, entrepreneurship and ideation.

Finally, follow back to the napkin to also get a collection of Dialexa’s popular content from around the web in single channel.

At Dialexa we start by asking “Do you know what your business will look like tomorrow?” Whether you have a plan, a problem or no idea, connect with us to explore the right answers for you.
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