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What’s coming up on Season Two of the Back Yourself Show?

Tom Fairey
Apr 7 · 5 min read

Startup growth, mailing lists, customer success, fundraising, productivity and more startup wisdom than an evening with Calacanis.

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Brain care, innovative consumer start-ups, the head of customer success at Slack, and new initiatives to categorise deals and create value beyond financial investments — that and more are some of the insights you can expect on Series 2 of the Back Yourself podcast.

The Back Yourself Show is back and better than ever, with more intelligent insight into how you can grow your business and yourself. In this series, we talk to founders, CEOs, investors, and a whole host of brilliant innovators who are at the breaking edge of success in entrepreneurship while also reaching toward their full potential.

Read on for a sneak at who we’ve got lined up in this series:

Dan Murray Serter, CEO and co-founder of Heights

Heights is a brain supplement company, and Dan says that the vast majority of us don’t give much thought to what our brain needs for optimal performance. He is also the co-founder and host of the podcast Secret Leaders.

What led Dan to build a brain care company?

Dan discovered an amazing brand opportunity. Science had plenty to say about what you can do to take care of your brain, but there was a gap between the literature and consumer understanding.

Every week, Dan compiled a quick summary of what science had to say about brain care, and then transitioned that to create Heights.

“To me as an entrepreneur, that presents a great opportunity to build trust and community,” he said.

Dan and his business partner had no background in science or nutrition, but that weakness was actually their strength, as they could enter the domain as rookies, taking a fresh look at what others were already doing, and exploring ways to improve it.

Hannah Redgewell, investment principal at Channel 4 Ventures

Channel 4 is indeed a television channel, but it also invests in high-growth consumer startups using its advertising space, and currently has a company portfolio that includes Eve Sleep, Meatless Farm, and CrowdCube.

Branding and marketing are key for startups that are making their pitch to investors, Hannah told Tom.

“Anything that is distinctive, unusual, or modern gets us really excited because it’s not necessarily given that most companies have that,” she said. “If the brand resonates with us, we think it is going to resonate with the U.K. as a whole and to really well as a whole.”

Brand is important because it sets an emotional connection, and is the public’s first look at what you are selling. It matters — brand takes a product and makes people love it.

Alexander Fahie, founder and CEO of Ethical Angel

Ethical Angel seeks to change the way employees experience work. As Fahie said, building a team is critical for company success. He originally assembled his team using LinkedIn, but as he said on the podcast, he might do things differently today.

“The thing I most wish I could change is the effect that the stress and the tension of setting up the company has on those around you,” he told Back Yourself. “Perhaps being a little more aware of how my inner dialogues are affecting other people.”

That stress impacted how he interacted with those around him, including family — and that impact was often negative.

Sarah Porter, founder and CEO of InspiredMind

Porter founded her company relatively late in life, and doing so likely had a much kinder impact on her family life.

What inspired her to start a company?

“As I learnt more about it, I could see that what was really interesting to me was the possibility of seeing something in your mind and then creating it as a physical product,” she said. “And I found that absolutely fascinating.”

Launching a company also let her express her business instincts while starting a family.

“I decided to create my own situation for what I wanted to do,” she said.

At the time, 20 years ago, there was less flexibility to chart your own path in business — something which has now changed and that everyone should take advantage of.

Rav Dhaliwal, investor and venture partner at Carne Venture Partners, previously head of customer success at Slack for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa

There are precise and achievable methods to create customer success, Dhaliwal told the podcast.

“Sales is not about driving revenue,” he said, quoting a leader at HubSpot. “Sales is about driving value, and revenue is the outcome.”

That means that everyone is in sales, but you may be pulling a slightly different lever to complete your task. Everyone, however, has to work together, because the people who do the initial sales have to have some synergy with those who grow the accounts.

“Stop thinking in pre- and post-sales terms,” he said. “You sell a subscription but the sale never ended. You just made the first one.”

You need an engine, he said, that perpetuates that process.

Sara Simeone, CEO and co-founder of Digital Oracles

Digital Oracles is an intelligent deal flow platform that enables investors to refer, segment, monitor, and reward the progress of prospect and portfolio companies to create value beyond financial investments.

Simeone talked about how she created her own investment company and some of the challenges she faced along the way.

“If you are an expert in an area, if you are passionate in an area, and you mastered that area, I think it is so important to educate people around that area and provide them with various alternative views on how to view that specific sector,” she said.

Failure is a part of the growth process, she said, and it teaches you how to grow and improve. Sharing those experiences is a way to educate other people and facilitate their growth.

“All I want to do is inspire other people to be curious,” she said. “Keep learning.”

The takeaway: Series 2 promises wisdom and instruction that will benefit your startup and your growth journey. Tune in this season as we play these episodes and others! We hope to see you here.

To listen to sneak peeks, check out the Back Yourself podcast.

Startup Lessons from the Best Founders and Investors

Tom Fairey

Written by

Founder of and host of the BackYourself.Show — Writer for The Startup and Entrepreneur’s Handbook

Back Yourself

Startup lessons from the best founders and investors who have been guests on The Back Yourself Show with Tom Fairey

Tom Fairey

Written by

Founder of and host of the BackYourself.Show — Writer for The Startup and Entrepreneur’s Handbook

Back Yourself

Startup lessons from the best founders and investors who have been guests on The Back Yourself Show with Tom Fairey

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