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Will Deep Links Ever Truly Be Deep?

The buzz over linking mobile apps obscures links’ true potential: to create profound networks of knowledge and share power more widely

Google Trends graph for “deep links”

How the Web Was Linked

The process of tying two items together is the important thing… Thereafter, at any time, when one of these items is in view, the other can be instantly recalled merely by tapping a button… Moreover, when numerous items have been thus joined together to form a trail, they can be reviewed in turn, rapidly or slowly… Any item can be joined into numerous trails… And [the] trails do not fade.

Knitting Mobile Together

User has your app installed, almost buys BLUE SHOES, but leaves app
We create unique, dynamic creative featuring BLUE SHOES
We serve the unique creative to user while they are in other apps
User clicks, and app opens right to cart with BLUE SHOES already added

Taking Back Our Thought-Trails

All That We Leave Behind




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