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Part 2. Sales: Customer Acquisition & Retention

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Part 2. Customer Acquisition & retention April 19, at 2–4 pm.

Päivi Kangasmäki, Founder BackedByCFO

”Customer acquisition and retention are the key earning logic drivers”

Päivi is Founder of BackedByCFO, born to boost SaaS & e-commerce to make more money. In her daily life, Päivi makes entrepreneurs life easier with Netvisor -integrated predictive analytics from metrics to Cash.

Mikko-Pekka Hanski, co-Founder of Idean

”How to build sticking Customer Loyalty?”

Mikko-Pekka is co-Founder of Idean, a Palo Alto based global experience design firm. In his daily life, Mikko-Pekka helps people — from startups to Fortune 500 — to build sticking Customer UX experience.

In 2012, after 10 years in Finland, Mikko-Pekka and the other co-Founders of Idean, bought a one-way ticket to Silicon Valley to spread UX gospel to the US. In 2017, Idean joined the Capgemini Group.

Lassi Virtanen, Founder of Pilvi

”Make the big difference with Product pricing”

Lassi is Founder of Pilvi, fast growing online sales automation for SaaS & subscription. As a growth-hacker in online SaaS, Lassi has in-depth understanding on pricing & productization in practice.

Perttu Kröger, CEO of Checkout Finland

”Weak signals & future trends in e-commerce 2018”

Perttu is CEO of Checkout Finland, payment service fintech to Finnish online stores. In his daily life, Perttu has an insight not only in e-commerce and raising digital service models, but also on the digital platform economy on the whole.

Part 1. Earning logic

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Part 1. Earning logic February 14, at 2–4 pm.

Entrepreneurs best practice from metrics to cash

Päivi Kangasmäki, Founder BackedByCFO

  1. Where to focus on SaaS & e-commerce business model
  2. Best practice: how to use metrics and where to take data
  3. Best practice: how to keep Cash, short-term funding & Runway in control

Guest Speaker, Henri Kajula, Founder Envera, fast-growing SaaS in Energy

  1. What SaaS metrics we follow, our earning model
  2. How we executed funding strategy
  3. When it’s time to consider external funding
  4. Lessons to learned: how investors are evaluating you

Guest Speaker, Matti Lattu, CEO Heeros Oyj Nasdaq listed SaaS

  1. What SaaS metrics we follow, our earning model
  2. How we executed funding strategy from crowdfunding to IPO
  3. When it’s time to consider external funding
  4. Lessons to learned: how investors are evaluating you

Networking and Discussion

Speakers intro

Henri Kajula, Founder of Envera Oy

Henri is Founder of Enevera, which has pivoted from energy certificates into digital water consumption monitoring and fast growing energy management SaaS. Envera helps property owners save their money and time with these services. Today Envera reads more than 6 000 water meters minute by minute, reporting its customers about water consumption and thousands of water leakages annually. The customer base is roughly doubling every year

Matti Lattu, CEO Heeros Oyj

Matti is CEO in Heeros, which is a rapidly growing fintech company and has been in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 business list for eight consecutive years. Heeros SaaS solutions are used by +9,000 companies through which the software has over 30,000 users. Over 400,000 invoices per month are transmitted through the company’s software. Heeros was listed on the First North Marketplace in the fall of 2016.

Päivi Kangasmäki, Founder of BackedByCFO

Päivi is Founder of BackedByCFO, focus on SaaS & e-commerce to grow faster. With BackedByCFO customers, BackedByCFO develops an integrated, data-driven analytics solution for SaaS & e-commerce. Päivi has successfully helped several global market leaders from startup to family-run & Nasdaq listed companies to execute their growth & funding strategy.

Päivi is Founder of BackedByCFO with greatest passion to help SaaS & e-commerce to grow faster.