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DE&I in hiring is a process, not a policy

How to build a fair & inclusive recruitment strategy from scratch

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Perhaps let’s not ask these guys

Your person ‘specification’ is way too specific

If items on the person spec don’t stand up to detailed questioning, kill them. They’re holding you back, along with some outstanding potential applicants.

The Old Boys’ (and Girls’) Network is too good at serving itself

If you’re a white Princeton grad from Goldman Sachs, who’s going to recommend you the Black whizzkid who dropped out of school at 16 and taught themselves to code?

Speaking of job ads…

Keep it impersonal

Even the most stunning list of accomplishments hits murky waters if, in the darkest recesses of someone’s brain, the notion lingers that an applicant’s surname rhymes with “arsehole”.

Your language is putting good people off

You can’t afford to wait for the talent to come to you

You’re probably not as good a judge as you think you are

You can’t eliminate your biases, but you can use them to keep yourself honest.

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People practitioner, hiring specialist, dog enthusiast. Manager, Firm Operations at Backed VC since 2018.

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