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In the following days, as we have seen, Bitcoin had a significant uptrend of 40k after a long time and more great pumps in the Cryptocurrency world. We wanted to share one piece about Cryptocurrency with you, and we hope you like it.

How to Explain Blockchain and Cryptocurrency to Your Mum: I have a serious question to ask you today. If your mum approach you and ask? What are blockchain and cryptocurrency? How will you explain it to her understanding?

The article will give you all the answers you need.

Laravel 9 Tutorial: Laravel 9 new features: With the different features of Laravel, it is the most favorite framework amongst developers and companies using the PHP programming language. This adoption is due to the elegancy and scalability nature of the framework.

If you’re an explorer like me, you should check out the newest features before anyone else 😂

Getting Started with Bitrise: The Definitive Guide: Mobile DevOps in the past has been a challenging and tedious job to manage manually. But, with the introduction of Bitrise, mobile DevOp is as simple as pushing your source code to a version control repository.

If you’re a lazy developer like me (loves automating tasks), you need to learn how to automate your Mobile App Dev

6 Tips for Improving Cloud Computing Security: Cloud computing is becoming the go-to system for file storage. Whether you’re using cloud computing for your files or running a digital marketing agency, the cloud is becoming a reliable and more cost-efficient way of storing data, and so is cloud computing security.

Everyone is going CLOUD now, but not everyone is securing their apps on the Cloud the right way. This article works you through the security process.

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