How PR Works

Mike Adams
Dec 28, 2019 · 1 min read

PR is marketing. A way to get impressions at a high conversion rate. These impressions come from getting articles written about you or your product in online publications (aka: media websites, blogs, digital magazines).

What is an online publication?

Remember when there were magazines? A magazine for every subject, big or small. They are all online now. TV media news outlets? All online now.

How do products get featured by publications?

Introducing, The PR Agent.

Journalists seldom go out looking for content and stories. There are too many PR agents, startups, and founders pitching great content to them every day. Journalists literally never need to leave their email inbox to find what they need, it is all pitched to them by PR people.

Journalists receive countless email pitches.

A relationship ensures a journalist considers the pitch. We like to call our relationships by phone to skip the email process entirely. We even help journalists with unrelated articles to build rapport.

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Mike Adams

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