What Does It Take To Raise Over $1M On Kickstarter?

Mar 18 · 2 min read

A few of us have worked (before BackerSpring) at agencies that were used for several record setting crowdfunding campaigns. We have been getting asked by friends and family quite often regarding what we would personally do to market a quality product to over $1M in funding on Kickstarter. Whelp, here’s our collective answers:

1. Begin Marketing 6 Months Pre-Launch

During this time you can test out audiences and platforms to build your email list via advertisement. This will be an amazing guide for when you are live, and most importantly — launching with as many backers as possible is the single biggest determining factor of success.

In addition to list building via ads, there is tons of opportunities to run booths at conferences and network to get your audience bigger. Lot of influencers at these places too.

Abut 3 months pre-launch is a great time to begin generating hype for your product with journalists. They won’t write about you until you launch, but you need them all excited and engaged to ensure you launch with the maximum amount of coverage.

If your product has a big influencer like Peak Design did with Trey Ratcliffe (the famous photographer) then pre-launch is the time to get them on your side and evangelizing on your behalf.

2. Use Pre-Launch Lessons During Live Campaign

If you’ve done everything right pre-launch, live campaign will go quite well. You will know exactly what platforms you need to allocate ad spend to, you will have press getting published intermittently, and you should get some big shares from influencers as well.

If you’ve got a good budget, it’s always a good idea to give some good services a shot that email you during your live campaign.

3. Continue Marketing on Indiegogo-Indemand Indefinitely

Once you move over to Indiegogo for Indemand, you will have your marketing on lock and know exactly where you’re getting the most value from. There is no reason to ever stop once your Kickstarter ends. To stop marketing when your Kickstarter ends is perhaps the most foolish mistake once could ever make.


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