What are my backpacking essentials when traveling

For active adventurous backpackers. Here are the things that I would bring and from experience traveling over 20 countries.

To start, I personally would recommend the items I’ve used below

  1. My favorite is the The North Face Terra 50 backpack, versatile and amazing back support for long trekking. There are many pockets, which can be sometime daunting to find your items
  2. A Portable USB charger for your mobile phone. I have the Solar Charger Bernet, and personally love it because there is solar power in case there are situation you need it and there is.
  3. A action camera to take photos or video. I have 2, it depends on your budget but the Hero 5 or 6 is great. The GoPro Hero 6 is on the high end but I recommend it because of all the new features such as stability, shutter speed, slow motion enhancements and the amazing 4k shots.
  4. If your budget is on the lower end I still have the Action Camera Xtreme which is only $55 dollars on amazon. Its good for backpackers who are starting off, it has some great features on the latest version with 4k although you won’t be carrying the name brand.
  5. Be should to get the camera accessories such as the handheld stick, I have the Apeman extendable stick. Again there is no preference here, I went through 4 or 5 already over wear and tear. And dropping it numerous times.
  6. Since I travel and stay at hostels, I tend not to bring a sleeping bag unless I’m doing a long hikes.
  7. Bring a mini flashlight, I tend to get those at 99 cent store. As for batteries I buy them at the local stores where Im traveling to. Carry only what you need is important
  8. Ziplock bags is my best friend, I have them for my passport, key locks (Must have), bandages, Neosporin, and swim wear so I can put them after doing any water activities.
  9. Portable compass and analog watch. I had a GPS garmin before, I still feel a traditional army watch is fine. Your watch is last resort if you need to navigate around if your phone runs out of batter.

Hope this helps anyone who is interested in backpacking. Happy trails.

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