Patrick Mitchell (Enjloras, Left) and Jack Doherty (Marius, Right).

Meet the Cast: Jack Doherty (Marius)

Meet Jack Doherty, a rising senior at Lyons Township High School, currently playing Marius in MMT’s Les Misérables.

Tell us a little about your character!
He’s an innocent naive young boy who falls in love easily but is willing to fight and die for liberty.

How would you describe Les Mis in three words?
Inspiring, Breathtaking, Timeless.

After all this time, why do you think people still love this show?
The show has something for everybody it isn’t about one single thing. It has redemption, romance, action, great comedy but also unbelievable tragedy.

What about this story is still relevant today?
Even when the odds are impossible, you should always fight for what you believe in, just like the students of the ABC.

Marius has so many tough songs with crazy range. What was the one part of this role that you were most nervous about taking on?
I wanted to make sure that Marius definitely cared about Eponine and wasn’t just ignoring her, I wanted her death to matter to him. So A Little Fall Of Rain was my biggest hurdle.

See Jack and the rest of the cast onstage July 13–16! Get your ticketes here:!

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