The mainstream does not apply to the niche

So I made that record label’s website in Wordpress with WooCommerce.

Like all clients web designers and developers have to deal with, this one asked for custom additions. Things like “Can you add a Soundcloud feed?” and “Can you show the band’s socials there?” are all relatively easy to add. But I wouldn’t be writing this if I only got asked those questions.

No. I got asked a pretty complicated question filled with ‘buts and maybes’:

“Can you calculate the shipping automatically, but it needs to calculate it based on the country and the weight, also it shouldn’t charge extra when they order a vinyl and a CD, because the CD can be put in together with vinyl and doesn’t way much extra, maybe two CD’s and a vinyl or two vinyls can hold six CD’s, but when it gets to the next weight threshold it should charge extra again?”

Oh boy.

Mainstream solutions

Most of the website builders out there, in which I include CMSs like Wordpress, are built for the mainstream. That is to say, they are built to solve problems encountered by 99% of all businesses. That’s where the money is, but also where the competition is for these services.

These mainstream services offer superior price/quality ratio’s to those that provide specialised services, which created the weird situation we’re in now. Most business get by with these mainstream services, but they no longer realise these are built to solve general problems. It is because of this reason that I got asked that really complex question.

In case you’ve never dipped into the wondrous world of webdesign or development, let me 101 this real quick for you:

Adding something as complex as that shipping function to a Wordpress website is about as difficult as selling a supercar in a supermarket. Sure, it’s possible, but the supermarket was made for selling MAINSTREAM items, not something as niche as a supercar. It’s like trying to solve a puzzle with a hammer, just smashing the pieces hoping they’ll fit.

This is problem two: too many businesses rely on mainstream services to solve niche problems.

How Backstash fixes this issue

Backstash was built for record stores and record labels. That’s our niche and choosing to specialise in those businesses allows us to solve their specific problems at the price that mainstream services solve the mainstream problems.

Every aspect of our software is built with stores and labels in mind. From the way you input data as a user, to viewing your records, to offering end-consumers the ideal shopping environment for music records; everything was built in collaboration with real-life stores and labels.

Simply said: you take care of your music, we take care of the rest.