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Over the past year we’ve been really busy— this is what we’ve been up to.

When we launched backstitch over two years ago it was with the mission to give everyone the ability to personalize the web around the things they care most about.

It was a cleaner approach to the traditional “personal dashboard” with the focus on delivering filtered content from various sources to a simple and clean page.

Some called it a “Site for all Sites”, an “iGoogle Replacement”, or even just a nicely designed RSS reader.

But what surprised us the most was receiving emails and reading blog posts from people using backstitch in ways we could have never imagined.

We saw teachers using backstitch to teach students about the bias in the media, startups researching new markets, to even parents displaying photos during a bat mitzvah!

Over the past year we’ve worked closely with all sorts of groups including startups, non-profits, and even large enterprises to make better use of content online.

Today we are excited to announce the next phase of backstitch — the complete content curation platform for individuals, teams, and organizations.

We want to give everyone access to the powerful tools we’ve built which is why we are making “backstitch for Teams” and “backstitch for Business” available for things like:

We are extremely proud of this next phase for backstitch as we continue our mission to personalize the web.

Jordan, Stefanie, Tommy, and Connor



Thoughts on Content, Culture & Communications in the Modern Workplace.

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