Why You Need to Develop Your Employer Brand

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Good branding ensures that when the name of your company is mentioned in passing, people have positive thoughts and feelings about your product or service.

But, how often do people, upon mention of your company, think to themselves: “Man, it must be a blast to work for an organization like that!”

Although often seen as an afterthought, your reputation as an employer is arguably just as important as the reputation you have with your clients or customers.

An employer brand is the market perception of your company culture and what it’d be like to work for your organization. A strong employer brand can unite your workforce and save money for your business.

What’s your reputation as an employer? If you’re not sure, perhaps your organization hasn’t put enough conscious thought into their employer branding strategy.

Think of it like this: your company culture is the product, and the job applicants are your potential customers. How are you sending the right message to your target audience?

Nowadays, businesses can’t compete for top talent on salary and wages alone. They’re going to have to try harder and provide things that money can’t buy: respect, flexibility and collaboration.

More than 35 percent of global employers have reported talent shortages in recent years, and 73 percent of CEOs are reportedly concerned with a growing “skills gap” of available talent.

As the economy continues to tip the scales in favor of employees, the behavior of the American workforce is beginning to change. 45 percent of U.S. employees reported they are likely or very likely to seek other job opportunities outside their current organization within the next year, according to a 2015 study by the Society for Human Resource Management.

That same report also showed that employees now value respect in the workplace with utmost importance — even more so than compensation.

The workforce is becoming more confident, which is increasing the importance of a strong, employer brand. Before providing a company with their loyalty, the nation’s top talent wants to know — Will I be challenged in my role? Will my boss respect me? How healthy and harmonious is this organization’s workplace culture?

When you’re interviewing an ideal candidate, you don’t want them to have any question about what their experience would be like working for your organization. With a strong employer brand, businesses can increase the amount of applicants knocking on their door — cutting down on recruiting expenses.

Also, implementing an employer brand can help an organization switch their overall mindset from recruitment to retention — which is a cheaper strategy in the long-term.

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If your organization is ready to turn the tables around and attract and retain your dream employees, then an employer brand is right for you.

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