Backing up with backUp_0

Getting started with backUp_0. Basic backup operation.

This is an instruction for using backUp_0 backup program, you can download the program here

Click ‘Create’, the select and empty folder — for now backUp_0 only supports backing up to folder (either on local, or external drives).

Next select folders and files that you want to backup.

Create catalog window

Select ‘Back up’ to back up right away, or ‘Back to main’ to backup later.

Subsequent backup

Click ‘Open’ and then select a folder than contains backUp_0 backup archive.

You’ll see a window that looks like this.

Archive window

Click ‘Scan then backup’ to start scanning.

When scan is complete, a list of files create, modified and deleted since the last backup will be displayed. The folders listed in ‘New’ tab are new folders. Files listed outside the folders are new files inside existing folders. Select folders and files that you want to back up. Click ‘Copy files’ to start backing up. If you don’t want to back up the file, but only want to update the backup catalog select ‘Update only’ (advanced option).

Scan result

Wait to backup to complete, we’re done!

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