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The Proper Storage for Your Microsoft Office 365 Backup

If you are reading this post, you have probably already made two good decisions. The first is that you have decided to back up Microsoft Office 365 critical data, and it could be either your Office 365 or your Office 365 client. Second, you agreed that a third-party backup solution is ideal for you since Microsoft won’t be able to take care of your backups entirely.

What Are the Decisions Taken Upon a Disaster in Microsoft Office 365?

Office 365 sends email or Internet sharing and comes with SharePoint Online and OneDrive for businesses and teams. Depending on the license, Office applications such as Word, Excel, or PowerPoint may be included. But what is not included in any feature of natural backup?

Somewhere along the line (hopefully not here), you learned that Microsoft Office 365 data might be vulnerable to malicious attacks and accidental deletion.

Archiving and retention are two functions of Office 365 that are often mistaken for backup options. When “Archive Mailbox” is enabled, Office 365 moves email data from the primary mailbox to the archive mailbox older than two years.

It does not copy any of the data and moves only from one location to another. Once the email is deleted, you have 30 days to return it from the Recycle Bin, then it will be gone forever, and the archive can not help you.

Using the “In-place Hold” function keeps the mailbox data for a certain number of days. It is suitable for compliance and legal policies, but it does not make copies.

So again, no backup. In OneDrive, for instance, there is a synchronization tool that some people think is a backup feature, but it only synchronizes your hard drive and cloud files, and synchronization and backup are not the same things.

If you happen to delete your local copy accidentally, your cloud copy will soon disappear. So, having all this in mind, it makes sense to use the Office 365 backup tool.

Now, you get to know the good decision, but about a great decision?

A great decision is to use a proper backup Office solution. An Office 365 backup is already applied by thousands of businesses worldwide, protecting millions of mailboxes and a backup solution that is easy to use and affordable.

Microsoft does not back up your 365 data. Avoid data loss: Easily back up all of your company’s Office 365 mailboxes, Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint through the online dashboard.

Every business across the globe is looking for an appropriate Office 365 backup solution that will enable you to perform a backup and restoration process of all of your company’s Microsoft Office 365 mailboxes, Teams, and files stored in OneDrive and SharePoint, backing up to the provider’s Microsoft Azure infrastructure.

Because Microsoft 365 is a communication system rather than a data protection solution, Office Backup should definitely help you quickly back up and restore your M365 data.

The provider should also aid you in enjoying the benefits of an effortless automated backup process, saving up your thoughts and time for other tasks.

Yet, Office Backup should automatically save your backups to their secure backup location in the Microsoft Azure Hosted Cloud. You can also benefit from the unlimited storage provided by the backup solution.

When selecting the proper backup Office solution, you have to be aware of the live support provided. An average of less than one minute waiting for a live chat operator is a fantastic indication that the Office 365 backup provider is the very professional backup you can get on the global market.



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