Reconstructing Faith: Where Is God Exactly?

The Problem of God’s Hiddenness

Eric Sentell
Backyard Church
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5 min readMay 6, 2024


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What would you give to hear from God as directly as Adam, Eve, Abraham, or Moses? Wouldn’t it be nice to get some guidance and reassurance from God Himself during your darkest, deepest nights of the soul?

I’d gladly settle for a visit from “an Angel of the Lord.” This phrase occurs in the Hebrew Bible 60 different times. From Joshua to Joseph, the “Angel of the Lord” appears to dozens of Biblical figures. Why not us?

God’s hiddenness can lead to faith deconstruction, and I think we must confront the problem when reconstructing our faith.

The Problem of Divine Hiddenness

The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, a peer-reviewed academic source, explains the problem of divine hiddenness:

The “Argument from Divine Hiddenness” or the “Hiddenness Argument” refers to a family of arguments for atheism. Broadly speaking, these arguments try to demonstrate that, if God existed, He would (or would likely) make the truth of His existence more obvious to everyone than it is.

To my mind, the problem of God’s hiddenness lays bare the tension between the existence of God and His apparent absence from most people’s experience.