Further Star Wars Prequel Rewrite Suggestions

Tom Farr
Tom Farr
May 4, 2016 · 3 min read

These are all great suggestions for rewriting the Star Wars prequel trilogy by Elliot Nichols, and I agree with all of them. A few more I would add.

The Midi-chlorians Have to Go

Lucas was so focused on telling a story about a “chosen one” that he needed a way to identify the chosen one. But he could have done a much better job than the midi-chlorians, or he could have abandoned the “chosen one” concept altogether. He did, after all, help destroy the Galactic Republic and the Jedi Order.

The Midi-chlorians took away the mystery of the Force and tried to explain it with scientific means. You either had a high concentration of midi-chlorians or you didn’t. If it was something you could measure and your count was low, you were out of luck. No chance of ever being Force-sensitive or a Force user.

Jar Jar Binks Can Never Exist

He was an annoying character that no one could take seriously amid an ensemble of beloved characters created by George Lucas. Enough said.

Hire a Co-Writer for the Anakin/Padme Love Story

If you’ve seen Attack of the Clones, you know how awkward the love story between Anakin and Padme was. Part of it was the age difference between the two. Most of it was due to poor writing by George Lucas. Lucas knows how to write an adventure story, but even he admits that he’s not very good at writing love stories.

Too Much Compression Into Three Movies

Star Wars is far beyond telling its story through just movies now, and one of the biggest problems with the prequel trilogy was trying to pack Anakin’s whole life into six hours. Revenge of the Sith alone could have been a trilogy.

I was fine with beginning the story at Anakin’s childhood, but trying to compress the story meant bringing Luke and Leia’s mother into the story way before she needed to be there. Anakin should have met her when he was a teenager, and they should’ve been the same age.

If they remade the prequel trilogy just about Anakin, they’d either need to make more movies, or expand the story out between movies and books/comic books or animated television series like The Clone Wars.

Hire Me for the Rewrite

The Anakin/Darth Vader origin story is too big to mess up. I think we all wanted to know Anakin’s journey, but we were mostly disappointed with it when we discovered it in the prequel trilogy. Perhaps the prequel trilogy should be relegated under the Legends banner and a new story should be told. The real story we’ve all wanted.

And I just so happen to be available to write the Star Wars prequel story everyone is looking for if anyone in LucasFilm wants to give me a call.

I’ve loved Star Wars pretty much since I was born and it’s one of the biggest inspirations for why I love to tell stories. I’ll gladly spend the next twenty or so years of my life helming the Anakin Skywalker story.

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Tom Farr

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Tom Farr

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Bacon Eggs & Geek

Personal bites of pop, arts and geek culture.

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