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Letter sent on Nov 28, 2015

Humble beginnings…

notification sent from Medium

☝This was such a pleasant surprise to find this evening; especially because I only know one of you personally and two of you through your writing on Medium for Bacon Eggs & Geek.

What started as a personal place to post my random thoughts on various pop and geek culture phenomena is now starting to transform into a place for others and their personal geek stories. And I’m happy to share!

Our highest performing stories are from our featured writers:
Why I Plan On Watching ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Dumb
by Rod T Faulknerhttp://bit.ly/spoilerless
On Master of None: Decisions, Decisions and The Paths We Choose
by Eugenia Velahttp://bit.ly/aziz-geek
Coding is Kinda Like Cooking
by Ruti Wajnberghttp://bit.ly/coding-cooking

Everyone has their own geek. Whether it be movies, books, sci-fi, coding, TV-binging, cooking, theatre, comics, music, art, writing, you name it. I hope to keep expanding the stories be&g features.

Please feel free to share or submit your stories or ideas to:

baconeggsandgeek @ gmail.com

Or tell a friend who would be perfect for us! I’d love to include more Featured Writers.

In the meantime, enjoy our current posts at →http://bit.ly/baconeggsgeek
(the full link →https://medium.com/bacon-eggs-geek) and remember to “❤ Recommend” our stories — it’s the way more people can find us on Medium.

Thanks humbly,

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