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And so are time machines.

You would make the same mistakes simply because you’re the same flawed person.

If you could go back in time to change a few things in your life, would you?

Better yet, could you?

It’s easy to think that, with the information we have now, we would have done better in previous circumstances.

This narrative usually sounds like: “If I knew then, what I knew now, things would be different.”

But would it be different? Not with the current version of yourself.

If, by some miracle, you were able to transport yourself into the distant(or not so distant) past, you…

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Don’t box yourself in.

But how much security can we utilize before our systems become non-functional?

As a leader, I rarely played it safe because I understood that the cost of playing it safe was way more expensive than taking risks.

Even if I screwed up, there was much knowledge and, more importantly, wisdom to be gleaned from the experience.

Most people don’t want to be blamed when something goes wrong.

But the problem with that attitude is that too much safety robs your system of utility. For example, in the cyber security world, there’s a such thing as too much security.

But how…

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Risks and all

Life is meant to be lived, whatever that means for you, however, living life is not about living in your head.

When we were children, we were carefree, bold and determined to get what we wanted. We didn’t care about the “risks” involved, as a matter of fact, we had no concept of risk. If we wanted something, we simply went after it.

But as we’ve gotten older, we learned fear.

And this fear is simply based in the story we tell ourselves about the path to get to where we want to go — risks and all.

So, we…

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By Anthony Boyd

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