How to Save Money in Your Application’s Development Process

If you have a great idea for a web or mobile based application, but are worried about how much it will cost to get it developed, you are not alone. From its founding in 2013, Bad Dinosaur has strived to service companies who want to enter the tech field but have been dismayed by big agencies who have demanded equally big sums of money to have their application developed. We provide a variety of services at competitive prices that help brand new startups and more established companies alike get their ideas developed into products people will love to use. Here are a few of the tricks we’ve picked up along our journey.

1.Make sure your idea is unique enough to work. Before approaching anyone about building your product, it’s worth checking out the competition. The chances are, there are products that are at least somewhat similar to your idea. Scoping out these applications has two advantages.

Firstly, if your application is to be used for managing your own business, you might find that there exists such a product that fits your needs and is available for purchase. Buying a product like this will usually be considerably cheaper than going the bespoke route.

Secondly, if your idea is to create a product you can sell to others, it’s worthwhile checking out that there is functionality to your product idea that similar applications currently out there don’t offer, but which you believe would be beneficial to users. Assessing what functionalities in your competitors’ products are necessary and which are negligible, you can save money by creating a more streamlined product than theirs.

2. Get some product design done. If you’ve done a bit of research into applications currently available and feel that your idea is unique enough to require developing, the next thing to do is some product design. This will reduce the amount of assumptions made in the development process, saving you a considerable amount of money and time when it comes to building your product.

Here at Bad Dinosaur this takes the form of Idea Bootcamp sessions, in which we will provide you with a tangible plan of action for writing your proposal, securing funding and building your first minimum viable product. We will go over your application’s essential features, design its user flow and produce a breakdown of its components. This will have you set for the start of your development process and ensure you get the most out of it.

3. Research your funding options. After doing a bit of product design, we advise our clients to write up a proposal and apply for some funding. You can use everything generated at our Idea Bootcamp sessions as the basis for your proposal, making the process nice and simple. Most of our clients whose companies are based in Scotland apply — and more often than not are awarded — the Scottish Enterprise’s By Design grant. This grant will provide you with £2000-£5000 of funding, provided you contribute at least 30% of the cost of building your product. This is enough to develop a minimum viable product of your application with Bad Dinosaur.

4. Build an MVP. After you’ve figured out funding for your project, it’s time to build your very first minimum viable product, or MVP for short. The idea behind an MVP is to prove your concept with an initial version of your product which has enough features to satisfy early adopters.

It’s preferable to building a prototype or proof-of-concept because you don’t have to throw it away when you decide to go ahead. With the MVP process we want to build something that not only gets you fast results but is also something that is stable enough for a pilot and easily built upon and scaled out to build your full product .

At Bad Dinosaur, we’ll ideally develop your application idea with you based on what we’ve discovered together at our Idea Bootcamp sessions. We only require three weeks to develop your idea into a functional MVP that you can roll out to your first users. Bad Dinosaur strives to be a one-stop shop for all your software needs, so, if you wish to do so, we can help you build additional functionality on top of your MVP down the line. Either way, after a couple weeks of development, you get to walk away with a functioning application.

The journey of your idea to your first MVP at Bad Dinosaur.

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