Welcome to Bad Medicine

Bad Medicine is intended to help patients obtain the best possible medical care and to best utilize their precious health care dollars. Sadly, there are many barriers which seemed designed to get between patients and good health care — hospital bureaucracies, insurance authorizations, physicians overcrowded schedules, incomprehensible electronic health records, lack of network providers. In this series of blogs I am going to try to address some of these problems and provide practical advice for obtaining the best and most thorough medical care. In addition, I will specifically address some financial issues such as insurance authorizations, co-pays and deductibles, and strategies for obtaining medical care for uninsured and Medicaid (Medi-Cal) patients.

I have provided an email address and will respond by email to individual questions to the best of my ability. I cannot legally give medical advice, nor would it be appropriate for me to do so. I can, however, try to describe general principles of care and direct patients to useful medical websites.