Bad UX Week #10

Collection of Bad User Experiences from Week #10

1. Twitter Search

In Twitter Android App, when I click on the search icon, I expected the keyboard to come up so that I can search. But the search field is actually above the icons. A bit unintuitive for me.

2. Uber ETA

Sometimes, there is no sync between the ETA shown in Uber Notification vs. in-app. I was waiting at the pick up point seeing the notification that continuously updated the ETA and I was happy. When the ETA was 7 min, I casually opened the app just to see where the cab is and it was showing 18 min ETA and the cab was stuck in a mini traffic jam near a signal. Poor UX.


Submit and Cancel buttons given the same style and prominence and placed close to each other -> easy to make a mistake. Submit (primary action) on the left adds more room for error.

4. Year Entry on Android

This is something a lot of people may not have figured at all. If you are entering Date of Birth on Android using the native android date picker, you can actually tap on the year (which by the way hardly looks tappable or even noticeable), and scroll to the year you want. There, certainly, can be a better way to handle this.

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