Bad UX Week #11

Collection of bad user experiences from week #11

1. Pocketbits Animation

Pocketbits website on mobile has a fade out animation on scroll. It goes a little over the board by actually hiding the content much before it scrolls up and hindering the readability completely.

2. Online SBI

I don’t understand why the amount field in Online SBI transfers doesn’t bring up the numeric keypad on mobile.

3. Office Chair

I sit in one of these chairs in my office. While they are pretty ergonomic and comfortable, I noticed one bad design element in them. I came to know that the hand rests of the chair can be adjusted. That’s great. Being tall, I pulled the hand rests up and they moved. Later I realized I pulled them too high and wanted to push them down a bit. And they won’t budge now! I had to ask my colleague to find out the way. I had to pull them all the way up and then they would go all the way down and then I can pull them up again to the desired height. How on earth am I supposed to know this?

4. Moneycontrol Ad

Notice how the ad almost exactly looks like any other list element. No, I am not talking about the ad at the bottom! While this may definitely meet business requirements (and I love how well it does), it feels like a dark UX pattern for the user.

The second list item is actually an ad. It looks like a dark UX pattern by not telling the user effectively that it’s an ad.

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